Oudenbosch 2

MTD acquires contract for public space religious heritage Oudenbosch

April 26, 2022
In addition to a special landscape location, on the edge of the Brabantse Wal, Oudenbosch distinguishes itself by an impressive ensemble of religious heritage. The municipality of Halderberge, of which Oudenbosch is a part, has the ambition to preserve and strengthen the cultural-historical and spatial qualities of this ensemble in their mutual ... Read more
Valkenswaard 5

Valkenswaard is one bird richer

March 1, 2022
Not a Falcon, but a phoenix has settled on the Market in Valkenswaard. It is a work of art that artist Harrie Verhoeven has donated to his hometown. On Tuesday 15 February, the statue was unveiled by Harrie and the aldermen Theo Geldens (public space) and Mieke Theus (culture) in the presence of invited guests, local residents and interested residents ... Read more
Wijchen 2

Castle garden Wijchen renovated in all its glory!

February 16, 2022
The castle of Wijchen is open to the public again after a year and a half of renovation. The courtyard has been covered over, the cellar has been made accessible and almost all rooms have been given a new stylish design. On February 27, 2022, the museum, which is housed in the castle, will open its doors again. With this renovation, the forecourt of ... Read more
Efforts  Culemborg 5

Public space management plan for the strengthened city of Culemborg presented at Efforts Congress 2021

January 14, 2022
On January 13, Sander Booms of the municipality of Culemborg and Niké van Keulen of MTD landscape architects will explain the Regieplan public space for the enhanced city of Culemborg during the Efforts Congress 2021 'Fortified Heritage in GREEN and BLUE – a European sustainable solution'. In particular, the focus was on how within the ... Read more
Muiden 1

Reconstruction of the first phase of the eastern ramparts of Muiden almost ready

December 15, 2021
A year ago the reconstruction of the eastern ramparts of Muiden started. This reconstruction and layout of the public space of the ramparts, for the part between the parking lot P2 and the Muiderslot, designed by MTD landscape architects, falls within the project 'Verder met de Vesting Muiden'. It includes a vision and reconstruction plan for the ... Read more
Eindhoven Airport 1

EindHoven Airport selected for the Blauwe Kamer Yearbook 2021!

December 11, 2021
Today on December 11, the Blauwe Kamer Yearbook 2021 was presented live from the Schip van Blaauw in Wageningen with a special online program. The selection committee Under the leadership of the new chairman Esther Agricola, Dingeman Deijs, Claire Laeremans, Paul Achterberg and Miranda Reitsma, this spring selected the design of the public ... Read more
Boxtel 5

Renewed Rechterstraat festively opened!

November 24, 2021
Under the watchful eye of many interested parties, the newly renovated Rechterstraat in Boxtel was festively opened at the end of October. With this, another project has been realized within the ambitious Center Vision 'Binnen de Bruggen', as drawn up by MTD landscape architects on behalf of the municipality of Boxtel. The redevelopment of the ... Read more

expansion team

November 18, 2021
MTD landscape architects has strengthened its team in recent months with a number of new employees: Rob Willems, Krijn Nugter and Vicky van de Laar as landscape designers, Rick Smeenk and Gretha Steenstra as technical designers and Tom Hunter as urban planner. This naturally requires an update of our portrait gallery . Photographer Joep Jacobs has ... Read more
Hof van Huesse 1

Court of Huesse. A contemporary ensemble in Huissen

October 25, 2021
The municipality of Lingewaard has the ambition to give the center of Huissen an important quality boost. Part of this is the redevelopment of the Aloysius location in the center of Huissen. On 13 October, alderman Johan Sluiter and Mark van Doorn, general manager of Janssen de Jong project development, gave the go-ahead for the construction of 30 ... Read more
Rijnlandroute bouwplaatsbezoek 1

Construction site visit Rijnland Routes

September 8, 2021
On Wednesday 1 September, MTD Landscape Architects visited the construction site of the RijnlandRoute together with the quality team and a delegation from the province, RWS, Comol5 and the architects of wUrck and NEXT. It was nice and good to be able to see the preliminary result and the progress and to talk to the other parties (again). We have ... Read more
Spooronderdoorgang fietspad visual

Participative communication process in planning the Maarsbergen railway underpass

July 29, 2021
In Maarsbergen the level crossing is disappearing; this will be replaced by a grade-separated railway underpass. This will greatly improve traffic safety, traffic flow and quality of life in Maarsbergen. In the past period, MTD landscape architects, in collaboration with engineering firm Roelofs and in consultation with the residents involved, ... Read more
Zonhoven 1

1st prize for competition design Geosted / MTD Zonhoven / Belgium!

June 17, 2021
In September 2020, the municipality of Zonhoven / Belgium launched a competition to draw up a master plan for the public space of its village heart. An important ambition of the master plan was initially to open up the Roosterbeek, to strengthen the green character and the residing quality of the public space and to maintain accessibility and ... Read more
Foto: © Eyecatcher, de filmmakers

Mega transport and placement of the temporary Suurhoff Bridge in Rotterdam

May 20, 2021
During two weekends there was a special spectacle on the Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam; the enormous Suurhoff Bridge was sailed from Krimpen aan de IJssel through the center of Rotterdam to the Maasvlakte. The exceptional transport was successful and the temporary Suurhoff Bridge was placed from the water on Saturday evening 15 May 2021 on the abutments ... Read more
bomen planten 1

MTD landscape architects conclude a fruitful planting season!

May 7, 2021
About 635 trees of about 80 different species were planted in 18 different projects. Trees have been planted on roofs and ground level, trees have been planted in the countryside and in the city, trees have been planted in new residential areas and on historic city walls, at airports and in private gardens; exotic and native trees have been planted, ... Read more
De wereld van Van Gogh - plankaart

The Landscape Trienale 2021 - A promenade through Nuenen

May 6, 2021
In light of the 2021 Landscape Triennial, Eric Luiten, chairman of the Landscape Triennial Foundation, took a walk through Nuenen and Wim Daniëls asks Gerard Rooijakkers about the Van Gogh National Park / the name of the landscape. It provides a nice walk along scenes, which are sometimes literally painted by Van Gogh and sometimes only ... Read more
Laan naar Parijsch 2

Nature-inclusive design Parijsch Zuid in De Blauwe Kamer

April 1, 2021
In the March issue of the magazine De Blauwe Kamer, an article about designing the nature-inclusive city 'Every plant counts' explains the design by MTD landscape architects for the Main Plan Structure of Parijsch-Zuid in Culemborg. The article, written by Sofia Opfer, describes a number of successful examples of nature-inclusive design and building ... Read more
Boxtel 1

Realization Rechterstraat Boxtel has started!

March 24, 2021
On January 25, 2021, the starting shot was given for the redevelopment of the Rechterstraat in Boxtel. The Rechterstraat is the first project to be realized in the context of the ambitious central vision "Boxtel Binnen de Bruggen", as drawn up by MTD landscape architects on behalf of the municipality of Boxtel. In the coming months, the Rechterstraat ... Read more

A future-proof forest along the A16

March 16, 2021
MTD landscape architects was commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat South Netherlands to draw up a development plan and planting plan for a new forest between the A16 and the High Speed Line (HSL) near Zevenbergschen Hoek. The main goal is to develop a future-proof, sustainable and low-maintenance natural forest, which is largely based on the existing ... Read more
Koning Willem Twee_1

New construction of Koning Willem II Tilburg as a connection with the urban context

March 2, 2021
Commissioned by and in collaboration with EN EN architects, MTD Landscape Architects has drawn up a design for the sites around the new building of the Koning Willem II College in Tilburg. The aim of the plans is to fit the all-sided building into its landscape context as much as possible and to preserve the existing green qualities as much as ... Read more
Biennale Barcelona

3 projects MTD selected for exhibition and catalog 11th Barcelona International Biennal

February 15, 2021
The agency is proud to share through these channels that in December 2020, three projects by MTD landscape architects have been selected by an international jury for the 11th exhibition and catalog of the Barcelona International Biennal: - the entrance square and boulevard Eindhoven Airport / Eindhoven i.c.w. de Bever architects; - roof landscape ... Read more