Festive opening project Sint Jansgildestraat in Beek

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June 8, 2023

Since 2019, MTD Landscape Architects has been involved in the realization of a metamorphosis of an old 'shortcut' between the Netherlands and Germany: Sint Jansgildestraat. MTD landscape architects has been responsible within the project from the vision formation with initial sketch plans up to and including the specification preparation and tendering phase. The Sint Jansgildestraat project was festively opened on Friday 2 June.

The design by MTD Landscape Architects has led to a number of major changes and improvements. First of all, the Sint Jansgildestraat was looked at. There are large plane trees on both sides of the road. Due to the space taken up by the roadway and trees, there is no room for a sidewalk in many places along this street. This creates unsafe traffic situations.

In an intensive participation process, MTD landscape architects came up with a number of variants for a traffic-safe design of Sint Jansgildestraat for all users. The starting point is the preservation of (as much as possible) existing plane trees. By narrowing the carriageway, creating road narrowings near the trees to be maintained and installing a sidewalk, Sint Jansgildestraat has received the desired traffic-safe redesign, with the eventual preservation of 25 of the 31 Plane trees!

In addition to the refurbishment of Sint Jansgildestraat, the adjacent village square has also been given a metamorphosis. By rerouting the Sint Jansgildestraat lane, the speed of car traffic has been reduced and space has been freed up to create a square.

From a mainly stony car park, the village square has now been given a lively layout, with still room for sufficient parking and the organization of events. By adding various planting areas, the public space has become greener considerably. When selecting plants, a high diversity of species has been chosen that provide an attractive and varied green image in all seasons.

A system has been installed below ground level to disconnect the rainwater from the pavements from the sewer and collect it with an infiltration field (plastic crates) and allow it to infiltrate into the soil. With this adjustment, the village square has become more climate-robust and is able to effectively absorb peak precipitation.