MTD is going to design the public space of the historic center of Delft in a sustainable way!

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September 22, 2023

The municipality of Delft has decided to organize public space in an even larger part of the historic center area of Delft in favor of pedestrians and other functions that should improve the quality of life in the city center. Previously, the shopping area in particular had been made car-free and car-free and now an even larger area is being added, including the old main canals, side canals, alleys, courtyards and various junctions.

In concrete terms, this means that the parking spaces along the canals will be abolished and that other urban functions and tasks can take their place, such as more space for pedestrians, bicycle (storages), greenery, meeting and relaxation, climate adaptation and biodiversity. The aim is also to (re)establish the visual and physical relationship of the public space with the water, as it once was.

MTD has been asked to shape this redefinition and future use and design of public space in a participatory process with all stakeholders and to coordinate with municipal policy and management of public space. This process starts with a vision of the design principles and the identity of Delft's public space and should lead to concrete designs for the various sub-areas within the plan area.
To be continued!