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March 10, 2023

MTD landscape architects, in collaboration with the municipality of Tilburg, drew up a strategic inspiration document for the city's public space; to make it greener, more attractive and more climate-robust. CODE GROEN focuses on the construction of (0)13 new iconic parks, solid green connections from the heart of the city to the landscape and cool places within walking distance.

Tilburg University adopted the report last week and linked it to a serious implementation budget of 5 million euros per year. Putting its money where its mouth is, the municipality of Tilburg immediately proceeds with the plan development for the Louis Bouwmeesterplein. MTD was commissioned to draw up a strategic concept and contextual design plan for the public space of Louis Bouwmeesterplein in line with CODE GROEN. The aim is to redevelop this place as a green living and working area in the center of Tilburg and on the historic ribbon of the Korvelseweg and to revalue it as a connection to the Oude Dijk park area.