MTD landschapsrachitecten

MTD landscape architects is a Dutch design agency for landscape architecture and urban planning. The agency works on designs on various scale levels for the built environment and outdoor space, strategic visions and research by design.

MTD landscape architects
MTD is an agency with history. In 1954 Pieter Buys established himself as a landscaping architect in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In 1998, the then Buys & Van der Vliet agency, was continued by Frank Meijer, Han Thijssen and Ruud Dubbeld under the banner of MTD landscape architects.

design drawings 1954 - now; MTD over the years

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MTD landscape architects takes the expertise and experience built up over decades into the design process, technical elaborations, cost analyzes and realization of projects. MTD is an interdisciplinary agency, where design, research, financial substantiation and technology come together from the start. Landscape architects, urban planners, ecologists, sustainability consultants, spatial designers, communication experts and civil and cultural technicians work together in compact teams. This creates ambitious and feasible plans.

MTD landscape architects is an interdisciplinary agency where design, research, financial substantiation and technology come together from the start. This creates ambitious and feasible plans.

design style
Over the years, the design style can be described as robust, clear and timeless, in which the general outline is confirmed by means of powerful details. MTD aspires for designs which lead to a flexible, surprising and almost unsuspecting usage. The 'genius loci', the development history of a place and its characteristic features, is an essential source of inspiration. This is mainly determined by soil and water, but the narrative of a place is also an essential source of inspiration. This gives the plans a sustainable and strong place-based identity.

Projects of MTD landscape architects have been published worldwide and the agency has received numerous awards, such as the 1st prize Bouwpluim, a nomination for the Rosa Barba Landscape Architecture Prize and the Arie Keppler Prize for the Koemarkt in Purmerend, the Welstands Prize Nijmegen and a nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Prize for the Hessenberg in Nijmegen, the best public space 2012 and the best small city center 2013 for the development plan of the center of Venray, the 1st prize City Brand & Tourism Landscape Award for Zuiderzee view in Zwartsluis. And winner of the 2020 rooftop awards for the roof forest at the Depot Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

The projects concern urban assignments such as squares, streets, roof landscapes, urban development and extensions, working landscapes and campuses. Next to urban development are landscape oriented projects such as nature reserves, parks, country estates, gardens and infrastructural projects. Clients are governments, developers, companies, institutions and individuals.
Iconic projects include the rooftop forest and the surroundings of the Depot in Rotterdam, the TU/e university campus in Eindhoven, the landscape structure plan for the outdoor museum Oud Herlaer in Sint Michielsgestel, the city center of Delft and the reconstruction and the landscape plan of Vesting Muiden.

The assignments increasingly concern innovative, strategic area developments, in which new coalitions are forged between several commissioning parties. Together with clients, MTD landscape architects develop integrated solutions for current spatial and social challenges, such as climate-robust public spaces, strengthening biodiversity, water management, (social) health, clean mobility, the energy transition and the circular economy. Trendsetting projects include Melk en Noot, Code Groen Tilburg, Eureka in Breda and Eindhoven Airport District.