De Noordkade in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht is officially open!

Noordkade 1
Noordkade 2
Noordkade 3
Noordkade 4
March 30, 2023

De Noordkade, majestically situated on the water of the Noord, will be the meeting place of Ambacht. The fast ferry from Rotterdam to Dordrecht moors at the quay every 10 minutes, connecting Ambacht with the Urban Region over the water.

Along the Noordoevers lies 100 years of history of internationally renowned shipbreaking yards. This activity, which has since disappeared, has been made visible again on the quay by the iconic Blue Crane, which marks the gateway from land to water and vice versa; the Gate of Ambacht. The long benches also refer to the maritime location. Two buildings that refer to shipbuilding now house an urban program with sports, catering and meeting.

The 61 meter long waterwork with sprayers names the 120 demolished ships; from ferry to aircraft carrier ship. Majestic Dutch elms give the quay a green character and a pleasant living environment.

De Noordkade from maritime history to maritime future!