MTD is going to design the public space of the historic center of Delft in a sustainable way!

6 September 2023

The municipality of Delft has decided to organize public space in an even larger part of the historic center area of Delft in favor of pedestrians and other functions that should improve the quality of life in the city center. Previously, the shopping area in particular had been made car-free and car-free and now an even larger area is being added, ...

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Festive opening project Sint Jansgildestraat in Beek

8 June 2023

Since 2019, MTD Landscape Architects has been involved in the realization of a metamorphosis of an old 'shortcut' between the Netherlands and Germany: Sint Jansgildestraat. MTD landscape architects has been responsible within the project from the vision formation with initial sketch plans up to and including the specification preparation and tendering ...

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Kick-off anniversary year; 25 years of MTD landscape architects

23 May 2023

25 years ago, Frank Meijer, Han Thijssen and Ruud Dubbeld registered with the Chamber of Commerce as design agency MTD Landscape Architects. This week we herald the anniversary year with festivities.

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De Noordkade in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht is officially open!

30 March 2023

De Noordkade, majestically situated on the water of the Noord, will be the meeting place of Ambacht. The fast ferry from Rotterdam to Dordrecht moors at the quay every 10 minutes, connecting Ambacht with the Urban Region over the water.

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North Brabant Culture Prize 2023 for Frank Meijer

13 February 2023

Frank Meijer receives the Cultuurprijs from the Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Brabant. The jury praises his controlled and narrative handling of built and landscape heritage. 'Frank Meijer's work is among the best that Dutch landscape architecture has produced in recent decades,' said jury chairman Jan Baan.

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