MTD wins assignment Campus TU/e

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March 9, 2023

MTD landscape architects recently won the contract for the civil engineering elaboration of the design plan for the public space of three sub-areas of the TU/e Campus.

In the past year, the bureau, in elaboration of the Landscape Vision TU/e Campus 2040 (Quadrat / Paul Achterberg) and the Masterplan TU/e 2040 (Christian Rapp / Bram van Kaathoven), worked on the final design plans for the public space around Student Housing, the Student Sports Center and Neuron / Gemini. An important ambition of these design plans was the further greening and sustainability and strengthening of the residential quality of the public space of the Campus.

Next year, the layout plans for the three sub-areas will be worked out into a technical design and associated specifications. This also guarantees the continuity of the design idea and the quality of the design in this phase.