A sustainable design - visit to AKZO site 20 years after completion

Raambuurt Deventer 1
Raambuurt Deventer 2
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April 22, 2024

Sustainability and circularity, two topics from the recently developed Sustainable Design Toolkit by our office. It's even more exciting to note that MTD landscape architects applied sustainable and circular qualities to projects 20 years ago, and that this still results in a well-functioning design to this day!

Recently, we visited De Raambuurt in Deventer, an infill neighborhood on the former AKZO site. Commissioned by 'Woonbedrijf ieder1', MTD developed a design and redeveloped the area between 2002 and 2007. The public space of this cozy residential area is still very positively regarded 20 years later.

When we look at the sustainable building blocks of the residential area, we see circularity in the form of reused bricks and cobblestones in the roadway, granite curbstones, and reused tiles in the parking areas. Climate-adaptive qualities are evident in the form of trees, biodiverse green areas, and permeable pavement, and attention is also paid to health with a actively used playground, sports field, skate park, and a petanque court.

All in all, a pleasant environment where people enjoy living and staying, we see sustainable handling of existing materials and a cost-efficient layout that ensures a sustainable economy.