• 12 ha

Year of design

  • 2007 - 2019

Year of fulfilment

  • 2012 - 2022

Activities MTD

  • Landscape and urban development master plan, Image quality plan for the residential buildings and public space, Public space design plan.

Extra information

  • i.c.w. Mulleners + Mulleners



  • public space
  • urban development plans

The development combination of AM / Rabo Bouwfonds and Slokker Vastgoed took the initiative in 2007 to develop a new green residential area at the former location of the Carolus Hospital. The starting point was initially a combination of ground-level homes and apartment buildings; In 2012, the area was redeveloped with mainly ground-level homes. MTD landscape architects was commissioned by the development consortium to draw up a landscape and urban development master plan, an Image Quality Plan for the residential buildings and public space and a public space development plan.

The Carolus / de Herven planning area is located in a strategic location in 's-Hertogenbosch; a short distance from the city center, within walking distance of the Prins Hendrik Park and the Ijzerenvrouw, opposite the new urban junction of NS Station-Oost and with very direct access to the A2.Transforming the area into a new residential area is an opportunity to (re)discover the original identity of the place and to give it a (re)newed) meaning. On the north side, the area connects directly to the old planted Hervensedijk and Line 1629; a cultural-historical defense structure of 's-Hertogenbosch and an important tourist-recreational route through the city. The landscape and urban development plan responds to this by introducing a prominent north-south connection, which connects the entrance of the new residential area with the Hervensedijk and forms a green backbone for the new residential area. Together with the east-west water feature, this 'parkway' forms an important identity and structure carrier of the plan. The aim was to preserve and strengthen the existing valuable tree stock and the existing water feature and to use it as an important quality for living in the area. The parkway, water structure and existing planting structure essentially form two green rooms, in which the residential buildings are located. In terms of building lines and views, they orient themselves as much as possible towards the green-blue structural bearers of the plan. In fact, vistas are being developed, which form the counter-mould of the building volumes and which determine the spatial experience of the public space and the perspective from and on the residential buildings. In the public space, the image is determined by scattered trees in the grass, in line with the existing valuable tree stocks. In addition to this, the image in the residential streets is largely determined by beech hedges and green boundary fences; low beech hedges at the front of the houses, and garden walls and high hedera screens have been chosen for the more vulnerable places, where side walls and rear facades directly border the public space or parking courts. Parking is organized in three courtyards and a number of compact longitudinal and perpendicular parking lanes. The parkway and the green-blue landscape zone are kept free of parking.

With the new green-blue structure, Carolus / de Herven has grown into a leafy residential area that can be characterized as climate-robust and biodiverse 'avant-la-lettre'.