Eindhoven Airport



  • 1,885 ha (18850 m2)

Year of design

  • 2016 - 2017

Year of fulfilment

  • 2019 - 2020

Activities MTD

  • design plan public space


  • public space
  • squares
  • business parks
  • terrains around buildings

Eindhoven Airport has the ambition to be the entrance to the Brainport Region and the Van Gogh National Park. MTD landscape architects has drawn up a design for the forecourt and boulevard on behalf of Eindhoven Airport and in collaboration with de Bever architects. Here, the world of technology and innovation and the world of the Brabant landscape park come together in a green, sustainable and innovative public space that offers opportunities for meeting and staying.

In terms of design and materialization, the individual design interventions are directly related to the local environment of Eindhoven, the Brainport Region and the international aviation world. For example, a local composite material was chosen for the paving and innovative light fixtures were installed, which were designed in collaboration with light architect Har Hollands and will illuminate particularly during Glow and the Dutch Design Week. This makes the forecourt a square of the city of Eindhoven. To connect with the international world of aviation, a special natural stone fountain has been designed on the forecourt with an image of the globe. The waterworks 7 meters in diameter has a meaning as a central meeting place for passing travelers and symbolizes everything that Eindhoven Airport stands for; an international, sustainable world of meeting people.

An important ambition of Eindhoven Airport and preconditions for the design of the public space of the airport is optimal accessibility and accessibility for everyone. This means that the connection to the public transport network and facilities for parking are important parts of the airport world. The Multifunctional Parking Building or Multi Purpose Building, designed by the Bever architects, was recently taken into use, with the forecourt connecting seamlessly.

The vegetation plays a major role in the design of the forecourt and boulevard; they soften the large-scale airport world and offer a pleasant living environment. The design of the planters is inspired by high-tech printed circuit boards. Wooden benches are attached to the planters. The choice of assortment on the forecourt refers directly to the Brabant sand landscape with Betula pendula and Pinus sylvestris. This is in contrast to the boulevard, where types that refer to design and innovation, such as Sorbus and Juglans, are used. The assortment of undergrowth of grasses, perennials and small shrubs is mainly aimed at the pursuit of a high biodiversity and partly has a medicinal impact.

A bee hotel specially designed for Eindhoven Airport made of steel and oak offers an important nursery for wild bees in this area. The Breeam sustainability ambitions of Eindhoven Airport are high; LE4 aims to support plants and animals in their development and their importance as co-users of the area.