Noordkade 1

Historic blue crane arrived at De Noordkade in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht!

November 1, 2022
The Noordkade, Hendrik Ido Ambacht's new town square on the mighty North River, is making steady progress. MTD landscape architects are working on a master plan and layout plan for the entire quay, commissioned by the municipality of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. The two striking white buildings guide the axis from land to water and from square to quay. This ... Read more
Uithoorn 2

Technical elaboration natural stone Uithoorn

August 11, 2022
At the beginning of 2021, MTD landscape architects provided the technical elaboration of the natural stone elements of the Development Plan for the public space of Uithoorn that Arcadis Amsterdam has drawn up for the municipality of Uithoorn. The Layout Plan for the public space of the center of Uithoorn has about 125 different granite elements, ... Read more
Oudenbosch 2

MTD acquires contract for public space religious heritage Oudenbosch

April 26, 2022
In addition to a special landscape location, on the edge of the Brabantse Wal, Oudenbosch distinguishes itself by an impressive ensemble of religious heritage. The municipality of Halderberge, of which Oudenbosch is a part, has the ambition to preserve and strengthen the cultural-historical and spatial qualities of this ensemble in their mutual ... Read more
Valkenswaard 5

Valkenswaard is one bird richer

March 1, 2022
Not a Falcon, but a phoenix has settled on the Market in Valkenswaard. It is a work of art that artist Harrie Verhoeven has donated to his hometown. On Tuesday 15 February, the statue was unveiled by Harrie and the aldermen Theo Geldens (public space) and Mieke Theus (culture) in the presence of invited guests, local residents and interested residents ... Read more
Wijchen 2

Castle garden Wijchen renovated in all its glory!

February 16, 2022
The castle of Wijchen is open to the public again after a year and a half of renovation. The courtyard has been covered over, the cellar has been made accessible and almost all rooms have been given a new stylish design. On February 27, 2022, the museum, which is housed in the castle, will open its doors again. With this renovation, the forecourt of ... Read more