Church square


Year of design

  • 2018 - 2020

Year of fulfilment

  • 2020 - 2023

Implementation costs

  • € 2.300.000

Activities MTD

  • guidance of advisory group, design VO – TO, aesthetic supervision


  • squares

The North Holland city of Hoorn, situated on the Markermeer, boasts a unique historical center and a beautiful harbor. The Church Square is part of the fabric of the city center and was a place with many untapped qualities. Besides the Great Church, located at the heart of the square, the former St. John's Hospital, the Admiralty Gate, eateries, and shops surround the square. However, at the start of the project, the potential of this square was not realized, as it primarily served as a parking area.

In 2018, MTD landscape architects obtained the assignment for the redevelopment of Church Square as part of the Inner City Vision, aiming to create an appealing Church Square for all seasons. Discussions about the transition had been ongoing for many years, but the complexity of spatial challenges led to the formation of an advisory group. This group, consisting of shopkeepers, residents, hospitality entrepreneurs, and the developer of the hotel in the Great Church, was empowered by the municipality to select a designer. The advisory group chose MTD landscape architects.

MTD landscape architects, in close collaboration with the advisory group, worked on developing a widely supported and integrated design. Alongside preserving several parking spaces, considerations were made for the plans regarding the Great Church (hotel), bicycle parking, terraces for summer hospitality, loading and unloading, taxis, green spaces, safety, and events.

MTD landscape architects guided the advisory group and integrated their input into various design phases. Subsequently, the plan was technically completed in collaboration with the construction team, the construction costs were estimated, and then detailed for implementation. During the implementation period, MTD provided supervision and our technical specialists supported the municipality with aesthetic and technical issues.

The close collaboration with the advisory group and other stakeholders resulted in a design with consensus and enthusiasm. Through interaction and participation, the plan became more beautiful and richer.

The visual quality of Church Square has significantly improved. From a forgotten square serving as a parking area with an unclear identity, the square has transformed into an attractive monumental space, paying attention to details and the rich cultural history of Hoorn. Additional seating and the insertion of a water element provide an extra experience. To sum up, the redevelopment has provided an impulse for the city center and the shopping circuit.