Tilburg has gained another piece of green shopping area!

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April 26, 2023

Winning the KERN Annual Prize for the City Center Tilburg also showed the importance of and appreciation for the greening of public space in shopping and central areas.

MTD landscape architects was commissioned by the municipality of Tilburg and in close collaboration with Wereldhave/NEOO to design the public space of this new shopping and residential area in the center of Tilburg. Although this is a new development, it forms an inseparable part of the total core shopping area, for which MTD has been at the forefront since the early 2000s for the design of both the historic central area of Tilburg and the adjacent new shopping streets, squares and cross connections. between the existing and new shopping and center area.

In addition to a pleasant atmosphere and amenity value of the public space, the greening of the public space also fulfills the objective of the municipality of Tilburg in the field of climate adaptation and strengthening urban nature (biodiversity). Earlier, the Stadhuisplein (next to the renovated municipal office) was redeveloped according to these principles and objectives, as was the area in front of the 'Kattenrug', and thus fits in seamlessly with the green vision that MTD landscape architects have drawn up for Tilburg as a whole, called Code Groen.
In the coming period, MTD will continue to work on the tasks that lie within the municipality of Tilburg, both with regard to the core shopping area and from the green vision Code Groen.