Start construction boulevard Eindhoven Airport

November 19, 2019

Tuesday 1 October 2019 the new Multifunctional Parking Building or Multi Purpose Building of Eindhoven Airport, designed by the Bever architects, was put into use. The opening of the complex marks the first step in a transformation from Eindhoven Airport to an establishment that is more focused on accommodation quality and sustainability; in an establishment where greenery, art, light, technology and design play an important role. This fits in with Eindhoven Airport's ambition to focus less on quantity and more on quality.
At the end of 2016, MTD landscape architects was commissioned to draw up an integral design plan for the boulevard and forecourt for the Multifunctional Parking Building. All this based on the master plan previously prepared by De Bever Architects. Greenery and planting play a prominent role in the renewed public space; they provide direction and orientation and also soften the robust, concrete world.

The planting plan is based on the ambition to develop a vegetation that supports the food chain of insects and in particular of butterflies and thus contributes to biodiversity. The Breeam sustainability ambitions are high; The aim of LE4 is to support plants and animals as co-users of the area and thereby stimulate the development of plant and animal species.
The specifications were drawn up on the basis of the design plan and planting plan, in collaboration with Har Hollands as lighting consultant, Nieman and Tauw for the underground infrastructure and Bosanti for the elaboration and technical detailing of the fountain.
Immediately after the opening of the new Multifunctional Parking Building, Strabag started the realization of the public space. The plan is to have the total transformation ready by mid-April.

impression of the Airport Boulevard