Garden design Villa X

October 11, 2017

MTD landscape architects / urban designers was responsible for the landscape integration and garden design of villa X, somewhere in the south of the country. The architectural design of the villa by BARcode architects from Rotterdam and a particularly beautiful, monumental red beech at the front of the plot served as important ingredients for the design. The base of the villa is made up of huge black prefab concrete panels, a black rectangular concrete floor slab, which protrudes outside the glass facades and black concrete eaves. The front and rear façades, entirely made of glass, deviate inward from the rectangular footprint and the eaves like a butterfly.
The house is therefore almost entirely transparent. With this amount of simplicity and transparency, the garden plays a major role.

In the garden design, obvious relationships are established between the garden and the villa with simple lines, determined by the transitions between pavement, grass and planting. The lines respect the simplicity of the house and limit the different parts of the garden in a natural way. With an area-specific plantation range of large pines, oaks and rhododendrons, the necessary privacy and the desired landscape integration are realized.
Because of the large amount of glass, the inside and outside form a whole, the seating area is placed in the middle of the garden and the kitchen is placed at the edge of it.
Program items such as terraces, driveways and parking and the path to the front door are unified in a single gesture. At the front, the triangular concrete floor connects to the paving of a split natural stone. The sawn sides of the stone create an almost monolithic surface with a rough surface and hardly visible joints. The color and texture of the stone connect beautifully to the sanded black concrete floor of the house. The pavement revolves around the red beech and gives the whole a new timeless form. At the rear, the concrete floor of the house transitions directly into the lawn.