Tilburg center in transition!

October 2, 2017

At the request of the Municipality of Tilburg, MTD landscape architects/urban designers has been busy for some time drawing up a vision and layout plan for the public space in Tilburg's core shopping area. A familiar area for MTD, because in 1998 a plan was established and executed for the Heuvelstraat and its adjacent streets and historic squares, which at the time and still today achieves a great spatial quality improvement. Today Tilburg is in full swing, MTD is cooperating with the municipality, Wereldhave, VolkerWessels and various architectural firms to improve Tilburg's city center.

In order to strengthen the core shopping area in the present day and in the coming years, a new urban plan is put on the agenda. The main ingredient is a new connection street, which connects the Emmapassage with the Heuvelstraat and consecutively with the Pieter Vreedeplein. In addition, there is a new shopping street parallel to the Heuvelstraat with room for new squares, transforming the center area from a 'spinal structure' into a 'ladder structure'.
MTD is very proud to be part of this new development in which all these new developments will have to be connected to the existing infrastructure in a contemporary way. In addition to strengthening the center as a shopping, residing and meeting area as a whole, climate-adaptive themes such as greening, heat stress and water issues play an important role. In short, Tilburg is on its way to making its city center a sustainable and pleasant area to reside, focused on the future.
Meanwhile, the first piece of this complex puzzle has been opened! On Thursday 21st of September, residents and visitors were able to walk through the new Frederikstraat for the first time, connecting the Heuvelstraat with the Pieter Vreedeplein. In this street, a first embodiment of the paving principle has taken place, which serves as a forerunner for the remaining plan area. The materials and colors play homage to the plan of 1998, but at the same time a more diverse and playful image is explored.

Coming time, we will continue to work on this project with great pleasure!