MTD wins contract for Area Vision World of Van Gogh

January 24, 2017

In the final moments of 2016, MTD was commissioned by the municipality of Nuenen to produce an Area Vision for the World of Van Gogh. At the request of Councilor Jansen, the Area Vision consists of the space between the Park, the Little Van Gogh church and the adjoining outside area with the mill of Nuenen and governs an outline plan as well as a more detailed approach to make the World of Van Gogh more visible and perceptible in the historic city center of Nuenen.

The Feasibility Study Van Gogh church forms the base of the Area Vision, which was drawn up by the office in 2010 and commissioned by the municipality of Nuenen. The goal of the Feasibility Study was threefold: the broad visualization of spatial development opportunities in the planning area, exploring the limits of the spatial development possibilities and finally determine a ‘go or no go' moment for the development of the Area Vision. At the same time the Feasibility Study served to initiate a dialogue with the community and stakeholders, in which support for the Area Vision was created.
The Area Vision will be much more focused on the possibilities of strengthening the main rural and urban structure within the plan area. It is the ambition to maintain and strengthen cultural, historical and spatial qualities, directly or indirectly related to the life and work of Van Gogh and make them more livable. All this for the benefit of residents, but also for the benefit of tourists and recreationists visiting Nuenen because of their interest in Van Gogh.