Activum in Hoogeveen opened

October 28, 2016

On October the 7th, 2016 the Activum; thé new sports center of Hoogeveen designed by DiederenDirrix architecten, situated in the Bentinckspark was opened. Alderman Gert Vos landed with a parachute on the track for the occasion and lit the fire together with former world champion Nelli Cooman and children of the sports clubs of Hoogeveen.
The Activum forms the literal heart of the sports and educational campus as activity centre in the Bentinckspark.
Since 2007 MTD landscape architects, commissioned by the municipality Hoogeveen, has been involved in the redevelopment of the Bentinckspark, where the former sports park is gradually transformed into an urban park and sports and educational campus. After drawing up a broadly supported and Council adopted (2009) Urban Program of Requirements and a master plan, the office is now engaged in drafting the detailed design plans and technical implementation for the individual areas.
Meanwhile, in the park the new accommodations for the two football clubs and a running track have already been realized.
For the Activum, the office has created the design for the landscape incorporation and the layout and technical implementation of the areas situated around the activity centre.

The sports and educational campus Bentinckspark is a unique spot for students, athletes and recreationists in the middle of Hoogeveen. The Masterplan includes an activity center in the heart of the campus; a compact and durable building that fits its context in a natural way. MTD landscape architects / urban designers has made the masterplan, an image quality plan and the program of requirements for the tender procedure of the building. In April 2014, Frank Meijer of the office was also involved as a supervisor in the selection of architects. DiederenDirrix architecten was hereby selected as the architect of the activity centre.
The Activum has two sports halls and a gymnasium. By day the hall is used for physical education classes in secondary education. In the evening and during the weekend various sports clubs use the Activum. The sports hall has 1.100 permanent grandstand seats; this capacity can be extended to 2.100 so also major sporting events can be hosted. The building has twelve dressing rooms and a collective sports bar for the users of the running track and the Activum.
The Activum provides a solid contribution to the municipal sustainability ambitions for the Bentinckspark. The building is gasless and relies on the heat / cold storage system of the Water Supply Company Drenthe for its heating and cooling. This system is fed by the extraction of tap water. The power is largely generated by the more than 900 solar panels on the roof of the Activum. The whole building is using energy efficient LED lighting.

Follow developments in the park via the Bentinckspark website.