Student housing TU/e



  • 4,5 ha

Year of design

  • 2021 - 2023

Year of fulfilment

  • 2024 - 2024

Activities MTD

  • sketch design to technical design, implementation guidance

Extra information

  • Architect: VenhoevenCS
    Renders: Venhoeven CS


  • public space
  • parks and country estates
  • terrains around buildings

Ten years ago, MTD landscapearchitects developed the master vision 'Groene Loper' for the TU/e campus, laying the foundation for the campus's nature-inclusive and ecological transition. Where originally the outdoor space was dominated by car traffic and parking lots, this transition has resulted in an attractive and engaging meeting and recreational area for students and staff.

More recently, a new step has been taken in the development of the campus area, with the design and construction of the ‘Blauwe Loper’ as part of the new student housing towers that will provide accommodation for 735 students. The ’Blauwe Loper, an extensive pond, serves as a retention area and water catchment for the two residential towers and the central village area with amenities such as a café and work and study spaces. The drainage of the buildings' roofs and the pavement are connected to the Blauwe Loper

In addition to the quality of water retention, the student housing area offers an ecological and climate-adaptive living and studying environment on the site itself, serving as a habitat for local animal species and providing ample space for native vegetation, including hundreds of trees that will be added. The concept of the blue carpet is inspired by the site of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.

The student housing and the construction of the Blauwe Loper are currently under construction. The area will be put into use before the start of the new schoolyear 2024-2025.

Contractor: Den Ouden
Tiles: Schellevis
Trees: Boomkwekerij Ebben
Pond bottom: Trisoplast
Natural stone: B&S