• Gemeente Zandvoort


  • 0.75 ha (7500m2)

Year of design

  • 2017 - 2018

Year of fulfilment

  • 2018 - 2018


  • public space
  • squares

Located on the Boulevard of Zandvoort aan Zee, the Fenemaplein has recently been redecorated and also equipped with new lighting. The design that MTD landscape architects made for the municipality of Zandvoort has ensured that there is no longer any question of a square. The 5000 m2 large square from the sixties, until a year ago still equipped with concrete tiles and a few planters, needed a face-lift. The fact that the square forms the roof of a parking garage below brought with it many limitations, both in terms of weight and the possibilities for use. The people living in the immediate vicinity also wanted to prevent the square from becoming a large-scale event function and of course wanted to retain their view of the North Sea. The municipality of Zandvoort also had the ambition to strengthen the green character of the Boulevard and the surrounding area and to make better use of the public space for climate-adaptive objectives such as reducing heat stress and a more robust water system. These principles have led to the square being 'softened' for more than 50% by means of water-permeable shell paving and the realization of a dune landscape. The organic and landscape design also naturally connects to the existing dune landscape in the transitions between the Boulevard and the beach. The elevated position of the new 'square' forms an almost natural balcony with a view of the sea. The difference in height is solved by large natural stone steps, which can also be used for sitting. The connection between Boulevard and the new 'square' has been created in a playful and inviting way. Visitors can stay, meet and walk on the 'square' itself, and small-scale activities can take place throughout the year. To this end, in addition to the 'semi-hardening' with shells, a structure of (sand-coloured) concrete surfaces poured in-situ is provided in the design, which facilitates the main walking lines, but also creates a beautiful graphic interplay of shapes and lines between the three main materials: the dune landscape, the fields with shells and the concrete surfaces. However, the square was not finished with the above ingredients. In addition to the ambition to position a few special play objects on the square, such as climbing and experience objects in the form of sea animals and/or shells, the square also had to acquire a special experience in the evening. To this end, MTD landscape architects devised a lighting plan in which the light moves across the square in an almost 'wave-like' manner, with a color that refers to the sea or the so-called blue sea spark, caused by algae on a warm summer evening. For the time being, this square in Zandvoort will be illuminated in the evenings by an azure sea of lights!