Your Trembling Mile


Year of design

  • 2020 - 2020

Year of fulfilment

  • 2020 - 2020


  • public space
  • installation

In Your Trembling Mile the composer duo Strijbos en Van Rijswijk and MTD landscape architects join forces. In a walk of exactly 1 mile (1.61 kilometers) you walk from the Zuiderpark via the Ramprt Zone towards the Museumkwartier. All design plans from MTD that will be covered by music during Theater Festival Boulevard.
In the landscape you will find long throw speakers that play vocal music and panels that vibrate in a space that you may have walked through hundreds of times. The music makes you look at the city in a different way; the space lets you listen to the music differently.
Your Trembling Mile is a continuous installation where space and music meet and interact. You do not hear the compositions of Strijbos and Van Rijswijk in a concert hall and not at set times, but you listen through the space the moment you walk past something. Do you pause in the Poplar Circle or in the Casinotuin? Or do you walk on and hear only a few seconds in passing? In any case, as a visitor and listener you have a direct influence on the experience and the course of the music. Everyone hears and sees something different and in this way becomes a co-creator of the work.

On the other hand, the music has a direct influence on how you experience the space. You walk from outside (Zuiderpark) to inside (Museumkwartier) and the music and sounds walk with you and in turn listen and sound out the spatial environment. From green to architectural and gritty; from water to air; from low to high.
In this way, the music, the space and you as a visitor form a trinity that together make the experience.

Finally, the installations actually change the landscape.
Not only do you experience it differently by adding an auditory layer. The speakers and panels are also visually integrated into the space. Through the collaboration between composers and architects, the elements are not simply pasted into the landscape, but form part of the urban space. Not an infringement on, but an integration in. In this way we hope to combine the experience you normally have in space (mainly visual) and the experience of music (mainly auditory) into a total, in which all senses reinforce and complement each other. Music and sound complete the space; the space inspires the music; you dictate the route, the movement and the moment and thus the complete experience.

The result is a contemplative work that speaks directly to you without the intervention of explanatory texts, signs or references. You create the experience and you are central. There is no right or wrong interpretation of the work, because you are an integral part of it yourself. As with the paintings of Mark Rothko or the music of Arvo Pärt, Your Trembling Mile needs no interpretation. It works directly on your nervous system.