Campus UVT



  • Universiteit van Tilburg


  • circa 22.000 m2

Year of design

  • 2002 - 2002

Year of fulfilment

  • 2003 - 2003

Implementation costs

  • € 800.000


  • terrains around buildings
green university landscape as a promotional image

Tilburg University is one of the larger universities in the Netherlands. The university is very attached to a strong image and has been wishing to profile itself in educational quality and image for decades. MTD landscape architects has been working for many years on the corporate identity and image of the Tilburg University campus; to a hull and the interpretation of the green university landscape of Tilburg.

The university complex is located on the transition from the urban area of Tilburg to the vast forest area of the Oude Warande, west of the city. The spatial concept for Tilburg University is entirely based on the campus idea; the large buildings are scattered throughout, bound and connected by the underlying Brabant sand forest landscape of pines and birches.
The residing quality on site is enhanced by a continuous semi-open, gently undulating landscape of trees in the grass. New building programs fit seamlessly into the hull of the half-open pine forest. The central rolling meadow with large detached trees forms a natural meeting place on campus next to the esplanade and main axis. A large curved pond with a raised edge forms a natural reason to sit.

A recurring theme in the university buildings is the presence of a patio. Both patios of the main building (Bedaux de Brouwer architects) have a sober and high-quality design. The patios are mainly viewing gardens, without intensive use.
A new patio is centrally located in the recently realized TIAS building (Storme & van Ranst architecten).
The patio forms an outside lecture hall and theater and is a meeting place as well as a viewing garden. Embedded in a vaulted lawn with tall pine is a long double staircase with five steps. The underlying distance between the two stair stands is such that interaction between people sitting on the steps on both sides is very possible, but not obvious. The stair stands provide intimacy for a single individual on the patio, but also offer space for 600 observant students. The atmosphere in the patio is the atmosphere from the outside; the center of the new building is created according to the moment, the busiest and the quietest place.