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Quackpolder Voorne-Putten

ecological engineering in a new recreational landscape


  • GZH recreatieschappen


  • Voorne-Putten


  • ± 50 ha

Year of design

  • 2010 - 2010

Activities MTD

  • final design arrangement plan


  • landscapes


ecological engineering in a new recreational landscape
In view of the redesignation and redevelopment of the Quackpolder from an agricultural to a natural landscape, an opportunity has been created to enhance the recreative significance of the beach and dune area between Hellevoetsluis and Rockanje. Here the carrying strength of the landscape of beaches and dunes, the inner dune edge and the polder, and their associated natural and water regime values are leading for the new recreative use.
In 2010 MTD landschapsarchitecten was commissioned by the Recreation Authority of Voorne-Putten-Rozenburg to draw up a development plan for the Quackpolder which included designing the landscape, the ecological engineering challenge and a zoning of the recreative use.

the design
The first aim in the development plan for the Quackpolder was to enhance the culture-historical and natural structure of the creek landscape which used to be here. In this the natural transition from dunes to a polder plays a crucial role. Other important starting points for the design are the course of the 'Kromme Aal' creek which was once present here and the elongated parcelization, the openness and the distant lines of sight of the polder. These make up the carriers of the natural framework for the Quackpolder, which brings about a zoning from west to east alternating between a half open zone with stretched-out hedgerows, an open zone with the creek, and a rather closed zone of forest stands.
The second strategic aim of the plan is the introduction of a recreative infrastructure for cars, cyclers, hikers and riders, which ties in with the routes that are already present in the environment. Aside from the natural zoning, this introduces a recreative zoning for the area; a zoning geared towards the type of use, from perceiving to moving, and towards the intensity of use, from intensive to extensive recreation. Through the combination of natural and recreative zoning, a number of usage possibilities are created as well as possibilities for the further programmatic infill of the area.

Centrally positioned in the area, a built facility is introduced along the fringe of the forest near the creek, and which has a view of the polder. This facility is situated directly along the access road that runs from Haringvlietweg and the parking facilities, and forms an intersection in the network of recreative routes. The erected facility will act as the ‘Reception desk of the area’ which will have a recreational daytime infill. A place where meetings can be held, where vehicles can be parked, where one can rent a bike, canoe or mountainbike, or have a cup of coffee, or get information about the area, and which, in that way could contribute to an optimum recreative experience of the Quackpolder and the adjoining Haringvliet, the beach and the dune area.