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't Vaneker Enschede

living in the shady landscape of Twente


  • gemeente Enschede


  • Enschede


  • 58 ha

Year of design

  • 2006 - 2007

Year of fulfilment

  • 2010 - current

Implementation costs

  • € 20.740.000

Activities MTD

  • landscaping and urban development plan and image quality plan; landscaping supervision
In collaboration with
Municipality of Enschede


  • parks / country estates


living in the shady landscape of Twente
’t Vaneker is an area with an old, small-scale, semi-open landscape in the northern urban periphery of Enschede. The identity carriers are the, by Dutch standards, major height differences and three water courses. Old arable land lies between the brooks, which can be recognised by its raised and slightly mounded positioning. The area represents important rural, culture-historical and ecological values and could potentially form an urban expansion area towards the outskirts of the city.
In March 2006 MTD landschapsarchitecten was commissioned by the Municipality of Enschede to act as the supervisory landscaping architect on an urban design and natural development plan and an image quality plan for the area. The ambition was ideally to merge the two specific needs into the plans; the demand for housing in the top end of the housing market as well as the integration and interaction between the landscape and the residential aspects by way of designs of contemporary and Twente architecture. Here the ‘supporting strength’ of the landscape could be leading.

the design
The strategic aim of the development plan is the enhancement of the streams and old arable land as the carriers of the open spaces and the natural values within the area. The openness of this outermost zone is enhanced in its contrast to the wood-like zone which borders directly onto it. To a great extent this zone is determined by the woodland features which are present and which are supplemented with new woodland plants and shrubs, bringing about ´green´ rooms with views of the open stream valleys and old arable land. In the woods zone some rather exclusive country houses are being developed on plots of about 4,000 m2. Dependent on their positioning, they will be afforested for 10 to 60% of their terrain. Four country estates have been placed here to form special elements in this zone. The country estates are being developed on a plot measuring about 20,000 m2 which is meant for a small number of exclusive apartments.

Beside the woods zone the semi-paved Gruisweg will be introduced as an exclusive access to the country houses and the country estates and will act as an attractive recreative route.
The circle of country estates within ’t Vaneker borders a centrally situated half-open zone. This area will be developed along the lines which are archetypical to Twente parcelization with clusters of 3 to 5 plots each measuring approximately 1,000 m2. The clusters are accessed by means of a communal driveway and grounds. The communal grounds provide access to the individual country houses and also create a certain degree of communality. The ´green´ image in this zone will be guaranteed by hedgerows and farm hedges around the clusters.