• Maas-Jacobs / NBU Projectontwikkeling B.V.


  • 3,3 ha

Year of design

  • 2019 - current

Year of fulfilment

  • 2022 - current

Activities MTD

  • Landscape design, vision, preliminary design, final design

Extra information

  • in cooperation with:
    MIX architectuur
    gemeente Breda


  • public space
  • urban development plans
  • terrains around buildings
  • build elements

Situated to the north of Breda's historic center, within walking distance of the station, EUREKA! transforms an inaccessible area into a green, accessible space with a connecting purpose. Serving as a link to the city center, surrounding neighborhoods, and green areas, it promotes the connection among residents.

MTD Landscape Architects have been tasked with the landscape design for this new residential and working environment. Comprising four residential areas, EUREKA! features low-rise buildings at the edges and taller structures focused on the central heart, creating an engaging environment. The car-free outdoor space is lush and inviting, with pleasant bike and walking paths that connect to nearby routes. Underground parking and discreet parking in the courtyards keep the surroundings tidy, complemented by easily accessible communal bike storage near entrances.

Each of the four residential areas within EUREKA! contributes to the neighborhood's identity, with buildings varying in shape and size but collectively radiating unity. Robust brick architecture with refined details and carefully coordinated materials and colors creates a strong cohesion. Large, floor-to-ceiling glass panels provide maximum views of the surrounding urban-green landscape.

EUREKA! is evolving into a new, nature-inclusive city with a focus on climate-resistant buildings and outdoor spaces. Strong emphasis is placed not only on greening public spaces but also on greening the structures. Integrated planters, green roofs, and facade greenery enhance biodiversity in the city, making EUREKA! an exceptionally pleasant place to live.

EUREKA! and DE FAAM form an entirely new city district for all ages, residents, and passersby, regardless of background. The municipality of Breda adheres to the motto 'green - boundless - hospitable,' to which the new city district seamlessly aligns.

The area includes a diversified program with apartments, townhouses, and ground-level homes, ensuring social diversity and an inclusive community. Additional programming at strategic locations not only attracts residents but also enhances the area's vibrancy with commercial, public, or collective functions.

Living in EUREKA! equals living in a green environment. The car-free layout leaves ample space for greening, preserving existing trees and adding new varieties for more diversity, biodiversity, and seasonal experiences. The greenery is complemented by grassy fields, wadis, flowery areas, and perennial plants, making EUREKA! a sustainable, climate-resistant, nature-inclusive, and healthy residential area with a strong emphasis on greening.