Center Parcs Zandvoort


Year of design

  • 2017 - 2019

Year of fulfilment

  • 2019 - 2020

Activities MTD

  • Research and vision formation, sketch design up to and including technical design


  • parks and country estates

Center Parcs Zandvoort is situated in the north of Zandvoort, in a beautiful location just a two-minute walk from the beach. The park borders both the South Kennemerland National Park and the Zandvoort Circuit.

In 2017, MTD landscape architects were commissioned to revise the design of the outdoor space, focusing on the area surrounding the hotel, the communal outdoor space within the park, and the gardens around the holiday homes.

Center Parcs places great value on providing a natural experience for its visitors. Hence, the central design ambition of MTD landscape architects was to enhance the outdoor space by emphasizing its original landscape identity: a coastal dune landscape.

This was achieved around the holiday homes through a careful selection of materials and the use of native vegetation. The path from the park to the beach, passing through the hotel, has been greened, allowing visitors to experience walking through the dunes. Landscaped gates have been placed at the park entrances, creating a natural and appealing connection between the holiday park and its surroundings. The main entrance has been completely renovated and enhanced with notable elements, such as characteristic lighting made from reused old beach poles.

These landscape modifications have strengthened the area's ecological value. Consequently, a more effective microclimate has emerged, providing shelter for local animal species, and native vegetation has been added.