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  • Stationsplein Maastricht 1

    Station Square Maastricht

    At the beginning of 2015, MTD landschapsarchitecten was assigned to draw up a development plan for Station Square and the Percée, as well as a design for the entrances and interior of the underground bike shelter. This has been developed into a technical design in cooperation with Thomas... View details
  • Muiden 12

    fortress Muiden

    The future of a cultural-historical pearl Several spatial developments are being planned in and around the fortified city of Muiden. These are anticipated both within the city walls and in the surrounding landscape in an intricate environment with multiple stakeholders. The biggest developments... View details
  • Peter de Ruig 5

    Zuiderpark / Rampart Zone 's-Hertogenbosch

    In the rampart zone of ’s-Hertogenbosch a number of large spatial developments are being investigated. The most extensive plan is an underground parking facility which was initiated by the municipality. The fortifications have been designated as being a municipal archaeological monument and... View details
  • Zuiderzeezicht 01


    The province of Overijssel has the ambition to transform the N331 between Zwartsluis and Barsbeek into a main access road. During this transformation the accompanying bike path will be moved from the top to the inside and the toe of the Zwartemeerdijk. In doing so the wide views, which in the... View details
  • Spatial development concept for drielandenpunt (three-border region) Vaals

    The Drielandenpunt (three-border region) of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands is a popular tourist attraction. In the current situation, however, the magic of the place is overshadowed by a number of commercial expressions, signboards, a maze of paths and a somewhat outdated layout and... View details
  • d'Arcyweg Europoort Rotterdam

    In 2007, on the Port Authority of Rotterdam's initiative, a limited competition was held for the development of the d’Arcyweg area at Europoort Rotterdam accommodating BP's new head offices and a transfer point for haulage trucks. In the second instance the latter part of the schedule was... View details
  • Venlo Station Plaza

    With Venlo having been selected for Floriade 2012 the Municipality of Venlo aspired to strengthen Stationsplein at the edge of Venlo's shopping area, as an entrance to the World Exhibition and in more of a general sense, to the town. In 2011 MTD landschapsarchitecten was commissioned by the... View details
  • High Tech Systems Park Thales

    The Thales Group is a globally operating electronics firm, operating in the fields of aviation, military technology and information technology. With its activities the company serves as a front runner in high tech innovation. The substantial renewal of the dated premises of Thales Netherlands in... View details
  • campus TU/e Eindhoven

    The University of Technology Eindhoven (TU/e) is aspiring to refurbish the present campus into a ‘TU/e Science Park of national importance and international stature’. To this end the university buildings will be concentrated in a compact campus and space will be created for other... View details
  • Museum Quarter ‘s-Hertogenbosch

    With the expansion of the NoordBrabants Museum and the new building for the Stedelijk Museum (SM's) a new cultural center in the city of 's-Hertogenbosch is created; the Museum Quarter. The entrance squares hereby form an important link between the Museumkwartier and the public space of the city... View details
  • Waterfront Uithoorn by the Amstel

    The Municipality of Uithoorn and ‘Hart aan de Amstel’ (van Wijnen / Linders Real-estate) have the joint ambition to improve the spatial quality of the waterfront Uithoorn by the Amstel. The aim is to strengthen the coherence between the Amstel, the harbor and Uithoorn’s public... View details
  • Jeroen Bosch Hospital 's-Hertogenbosch

    On the south-western periphery of ’s-Hertogenbosch, bordering directly onto the nature conservation area of Gement, a large, innovative and welcoming hospital complex has been developed. The main urban design set-up of the hospital can be described as a few north-south oriented building... View details
  • Koemarkt (Cattle Market) Purmerend

    After the completion of the redevelopment of the inner city in 2002 (MTD landschapsarchitecten), and because of the disappearance of the cattle market in the inner city of Purmerend, there was a need to redevelop the Koemarkt and to breathe new life into it. The important starting points for the... View details
  • Route Design A2

    In the near future a large section of the A2 will be tackled; hence there'll also be an opportunity to tackle the immediate surroundings of the motorway and so too the perception from and of the roadway. In the last few years a good accessibility and visibility have resulted in the immediate... View details
  • Moerenburg Tilburg

    In 2006 the Water Board of Dommel and the Municipality of Tilburg formulated a common ambition in their search to provide a new significance to the former sewage treatment plant (RWZI) in Tilburg East. Through the disappearance of the actual sewage treatment activity and the greater significance... View details
  • At the edge of the centre of 't Ginneken, in the stream valley of the Mark River, lies the new housing area Marckhoek country estate. In 2008 MTD landschapsarchitecten was commissioned by Vesteda and Synchroon Projectontwikkeling (project development) to draw up an urban development plan for the... View details
  • Oosterhout / Breda

    The spatial layout of the Dutch landscape changed drastically over the past century; the classic contrast between the city and its surrounding countryside has gradually become obscure. This theme also applies to the Oosterhout - Breda area; in the recent past both cities have expanded considerably... View details
  • Garden for the van Esch family Goirle

    The modern urban villa belonging to the Van Esch family, which was designed by Jacques de Brouwer / Bedaux & de Brouwer Architecten, is situated along the old connecting road between Tilburg and Goirle. The building mass comprises two building layers; a first layer above the surface level and... View details
  • City Centre Venray

    Venray has a ‘rich’ culture-historical past and from its positioning along the A73, it plays a prominent role in the region of North Limburg in terms of living, working, shopping, culture and tourism. Urban developments within the central city area of Venray have led to a scale... View details
  • Defense Line of Amsterdam / Geniedijk / Geniepark North-Holland

    The Geniedijk forms part of the Stelling van Amsterdam, a military defence line which was constructed between 1880 and 1920 at a distance of about 15 to 20 kilometres away from the city centre of Amsterdam. The arrival of aeroplanes only a few decades later meant the environmental collapse of this... View details
  • Bouvigne Country Estate Breda

    The Bouvigne country estate lies at the transition of the stream valley from Mark to Mastbos, in the southern urban outskirts of Breda. The country estate has significant landscaping, cultural and historical, ecological and recreative values. Some of the Brabant Delta Water Board offices have been... View details
  • Schooling Boulevard Enschede

    Three educational institutions in Enschede, being the Stedelijk Lyceum, Bonhoeffer College and ROC Twente, joined forces in 2004 to realise a new VMBO school (pre-vocational secondary education school) at two locations along Wethouder Beverstraat. A unique and architecturally innovative school... View details
  • Hessenberg Nijmegen

    A unique new housing area has been realised on the former grounds of the Gelderlander site in the inner city of Nijmegen; the inner urban fabric has been repaired and about 190 new residences have been realised. Since 1991 various parties have worked on the development of an urban development... View details
  • Amsterdamse Bos Amsterdam

    The woods of the city of Amsterdam measure about 10 square kilometres and are situated on the south-western fringe of the city. The functionalistic schedule of the German public parklands is integrated in the design with style elements from the English landscaping style; the alternation of open... View details
  • Bentinckspark Hoogeveen

    Bentinckspark is a sports park in the heart of Hoogeveen. In order to stimulate top level sports and recreational sports, in 2007 the municipality made a decision to redevelop a large site of 27 hectares, in which the various clubs would be given a new place, with modern sports facilities and... View details
  • city centre of Schijndel and the glass farmhouse plot

    In 2007 MTD landschapsarchitecten was commissioned by the Municipality of Schijndel for the redevelopment of the market square. This is an important square in the core of Schijndel where the weekly market and other events are held. It was especially because of ad hoc choices that had been made in... View details
  • Bid Book Floriade 2022 Amsterdam

    Since 2008 the Municipality of Amsterdam has harboured the aspiration to bring horticulture back into the city, and in so doing, to conjoin food production and the city dweller closer to each other again. This aspiration is interpreted in a bid for the organising of the world garden exhibition... View details
  • de Ploen Duiven

    In 2004 the Municipality of Duiven held a limited competition for the development of an urban design sketch and an image quality plan for a new housing area on the northern side of Duiven; de Ploen. The river dune landscape was proffered as the target image for the architecture of the residences... View details
  • Prinsenhof Arnhem

    The Province of Gelderland decided in 2009 to reaccommodate its civil servants in a new provincial office building. Furthermore, attention needed to be paid to the Prinsenhof area for an expansion of the Department of Justice and to realise an ambition for the Municipality of Arnhem to improve the... View details
  • Raambuurt Deventer

    The Raambuurt is a unique infill location situated on a former industrial site within the city walls of Deventer. The new housing area is situated at the dried-up inner harbour where Emmastraat / Kazernestraat are currently located; an important approach route to the inner city. Here the... View details
  • 't Vaneker Enschede

    ’t Vaneker is an area with an old, small-scale, semi-open landscape in the northern urban periphery of Enschede. The identity carriers are the, by Dutch standards, major height differences and three water courses. Old arable land lies between the brooks, which can be recognised by its raised... View details
  • Quackpolder Voorne-Putten

    In view of the redesignation and redevelopment of the Quackpolder from an agricultural to a natural landscape, an opportunity has been created to enhance the recreative significance of the beach and dune area between Hellevoetsluis and Rockanje. Here the carrying strength of the landscape of... View details
  • Regentekwartier Eindhoven

    The Regentekwartier (Regents’ quarter) is a new, high-grade, compact housing area that is being realised on the grounds of the old Philips site on the edge of the inner city of Eindhoven. In close proximity to the 'White Lady', a 30-storey residential tower ‘the Regent’, designed... View details
  • Hortus Botanicus Leiden

    As the oldest scientific garden and university research institute in the Netherlands, Hortus Botanicus in Leiden is a unique phenomenon. Due to the discontinuation of a number of subsidies and being part of Leiden University, Hortus Botanicus has been forced to work in a more commercial manner... View details
  • City centre plan for Wijchen

    In its ‘strategic vision 2025’, Wijchen, a medium-sized municipality of about 40,000 inhabitants, has pronounced its aspiration to enhance its socio-economic position. Amongst other things, this has led to the revitalization project of the city centre area of Wijchen. In 2007 MTD... View details
  • Hinthamerpoort 's-Hertogenbosch

    The present garden village of Bartjes-North, which borders directly onto the inner city and fortifications of ’s-Hertogenbosch, is seen by the Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch as a reconstruction suburb. On the site of this first major systematic city expansion of... View details
  • Voormanshoek Enschede

    ’t Welna makes up the core of the Voortmanshoek area in the northern urban periphery of Enschede. Aside from the manor house ’t Welna (Karel Muller, 1906) which is a nationally listed building, it also stretches across 26,5 hectares of park woods, orchard, gardens and meadows. Trebbe... View details
  • garden for the Van der Pas family

    At the same time as a radical renovation and ‘facelift’ of the existing villa along Fazantlaan in Berkel-Enschot, MTD landschapsarchitecten was commissioned to draw up a garden design. A coherent design for the residence and the surrounding outdoor area was created in conjunction with... View details
  • innercity of Tilburg

    The layout of the core shopping area of Tilburg dates back to the early 1980s and was perceived to be messy, worn out and not very appealing. The municipality aspired to improve the visual quality and the utilisation quality of the core shopping area and to enhance its image. They are striving for... View details