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  • de Ploen Duiven

    In 2004 the Municipality of Duiven held a limited competition for the development of an urban design sketch and an image quality plan for a new housing area on the northern side of Duiven; de Ploen. The river dune landscape was proffered as the target image for the architecture of the residences... View details
  • Prinsenhof Arnhem

    The Province of Gelderland decided in 2009 to reaccommodate its civil servants in a new provincial office building. Furthermore, attention needed to be paid to the Prinsenhof area for an expansion of the Department of Justice and to realise an ambition for the Municipality of Arnhem to improve the... View details
  • Raambuurt Deventer

    The Raambuurt is a unique infill location situated on a former industrial site within the city walls of Deventer. The new housing area is situated at the dried-up inner harbour where Emmastraat / Kazernestraat are currently located; an important approach route to the inner city. Here the... View details
  • 't Vaneker Enschede

    ’t Vaneker is an area with an old, small-scale, semi-open landscape in the northern urban periphery of Enschede. The identity carriers are the, by Dutch standards, major height differences and three water courses. Old arable land lies between the brooks, which can be recognised by its raised... View details
  • Quackpolder Voorne-Putten

    In view of the redesignation and redevelopment of the Quackpolder from an agricultural to a natural landscape, an opportunity has been created to enhance the recreative significance of the beach and dune area between Hellevoetsluis and Rockanje. Here the carrying strength of the landscape of... View details
  • Regentekwartier Eindhoven

    The Regentekwartier (Regents’ quarter) is a new, high-grade, compact housing area that is being realised on the grounds of the old Philips site on the edge of the inner city of Eindhoven. In close proximity to the 'White Lady', a 30-storey residential tower ‘the Regent’, designed... View details
  • Hortus Botanicus Leiden

    As the oldest scientific garden and university research institute in the Netherlands, Hortus Botanicus in Leiden is a unique phenomenon. Due to the discontinuation of a number of subsidies and being part of Leiden University, Hortus Botanicus has been forced to work in a more commercial manner... View details
  • City centre plan for Wijchen

    In its ‘strategic vision 2025’, Wijchen, a medium-sized municipality of about 40,000 inhabitants, has pronounced its aspiration to enhance its socio-economic position. Amongst other things, this has led to the revitalization project of the city centre area of Wijchen. In 2007 MTD... View details
  • Hinthamerpoort 's-Hertogenbosch

    The present garden village of Bartjes-North, which borders directly onto the inner city and fortifications of ’s-Hertogenbosch, is seen by the Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch as a reconstruction suburb. On the site of this first major systematic city expansion of... View details
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