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  • City Centre Venray

    Venray has a ‘rich’ culture-historical past and from its positioning along the A73, it plays a prominent role in the region of North Limburg in terms of living, working, shopping, culture and tourism. Urban developments within the central city area of Venray have led to a scale... View details
  • Defense Line of Amsterdam / Geniedijk / Geniepark North-Holland

    The Geniedijk forms part of the Stelling van Amsterdam, a military defence line which was constructed between 1880 and 1920 at a distance of about 15 to 20 kilometres away from the city centre of Amsterdam. The arrival of aeroplanes only a few decades later meant the environmental collapse of this... View details
  • Bouvigne Country Estate Breda

    The Bouvigne country estate lies at the transition of the stream valley from Mark to Mastbos, in the southern urban outskirts of Breda. The country estate has significant landscaping, cultural and historical, ecological and recreative values. Some of the Brabant Delta Water Board offices have been... View details
  • Schooling Boulevard Enschede

    Three educational institutions in Enschede, being the Stedelijk Lyceum, Bonhoeffer College and ROC Twente, joined forces in 2004 to realise a new VMBO school (pre-vocational secondary education school) at two locations along Wethouder Beverstraat. A unique and architecturally innovative school... View details
  • Hessenberg Nijmegen

    A unique new housing area has been realised on the former grounds of the Gelderlander site in the inner city of Nijmegen; the inner urban fabric has been repaired and about 190 new residences have been realised. Since 1991 various parties have worked on the development of an urban development... View details
  • Amsterdamse Bos Amsterdam

    The woods of the city of Amsterdam measure about 10 square kilometres and are situated on the south-western fringe of the city. The functionalistic schedule of the German public parklands is integrated in the design with style elements from the English landscaping style; the alternation of open... View details
  • Bentinckspark Hoogeveen

    Bentinckspark is a sports park in the heart of Hoogeveen. In order to stimulate top level sports and recreational sports, in 2007 the municipality made a decision to redevelop a large site of 27 hectares, in which the various clubs would be given a new place, with modern sports facilities and... View details
  • city centre of Schijndel and the glass farmhouse plot

    In 2007 MTD landschapsarchitecten was commissioned by the Municipality of Schijndel for the redevelopment of the market square. This is an important square in the core of Schijndel where the weekly market and other events are held. It was especially because of ad hoc choices that had been made in... View details
  • Bid Book Floriade 2022 Amsterdam

    Since 2008 the Municipality of Amsterdam has harboured the aspiration to bring horticulture back into the city, and in so doing, to conjoin food production and the city dweller closer to each other again. This aspiration is interpreted in a bid for the organising of the world garden exhibition... View details
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