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  • Museum Quarter ‘s-Hertogenbosch

    With the expansion of the NoordBrabants Museum and the new building for the Stedelijk Museum (SM's) a new cultural center in the city of 's-Hertogenbosch is created; the Museum Quarter. The entrance squares hereby form an important link between the Museumkwartier and the public space of the city... View details
  • Waterfront Uithoorn by the Amstel

    The Municipality of Uithoorn and ‘Hart aan de Amstel’ (van Wijnen / Linders Real-estate) have the joint ambition to improve the spatial quality of the waterfront Uithoorn by the Amstel. The aim is to strengthen the coherence between the Amstel, the harbor and Uithoorn’s public... View details
  • Jeroen Bosch Hospital 's-Hertogenbosch

    On the south-western periphery of ’s-Hertogenbosch, bordering directly onto the nature conservation area of Gement, a large, innovative and welcoming hospital complex has been developed. The main urban design set-up of the hospital can be described as a few north-south oriented building... View details
  • Koemarkt (Cattle Market) Purmerend

    After the completion of the redevelopment of the inner city in 2002 (MTD landschapsarchitecten), and because of the disappearance of the cattle market in the inner city of Purmerend, there was a need to redevelop the Koemarkt and to breathe new life into it. The important starting points for the... View details
  • Route Design A2

    In the near future a large section of the A2 will be tackled; hence there'll also be an opportunity to tackle the immediate surroundings of the motorway and so too the perception from and of the roadway. In the last few years a good accessibility and visibility have resulted in the immediate... View details
  • Moerenburg Tilburg

    In 2006 the Water Board of Dommel and the Municipality of Tilburg formulated a common ambition in their search to provide a new significance to the former sewage treatment plant (RWZI) in Tilburg East. Through the disappearance of the actual sewage treatment activity and the greater significance... View details
  • At the edge of the centre of 't Ginneken, in the stream valley of the Mark River, lies the new housing area Marckhoek country estate. In 2008 MTD landschapsarchitecten was commissioned by Vesteda and Synchroon Projectontwikkeling (project development) to draw up an urban development plan for the... View details
  • Oosterhout / Breda

    The spatial layout of the Dutch landscape changed drastically over the past century; the classic contrast between the city and its surrounding countryside has gradually become obscure. This theme also applies to the Oosterhout - Breda area; in the recent past both cities have expanded considerably... View details
  • Garden for the van Esch family Goirle

    The modern urban villa belonging to the Van Esch family, which was designed by Jacques de Brouwer / Bedaux & de Brouwer Architecten, is situated along the old connecting road between Tilburg and Goirle. The building mass comprises two building layers; a first layer above the surface level and... View details
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