Depot, Rotterdam
Depot, Rotterdam
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Kernwinkelgebied, Tilburg
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MTD attaches great importance to the realization of robust, clear and timeless designs. The technical designers, engineers, civil and cultural technicians and specialists in sustainability and planting plans play an important role in this. For example, when drawing up a technical design / specification description and making calculations for the public space, roof landscapes and facade greenery.

This also includes the development of underground infrastructure such as sewage systems, water storage and infiltration and the sustainable reuse of collected rainwater. Under the influence of climate change and challenges such as extreme heat, long periods of drought and peak precipitation, these technical solutions are becoming an increasingly important element of the redesign of public space.

Under the influence of climate change, technical solutions are becoming an increasingly important element of the redesign of public space.

Materials, products and properties
Choice of materials and technical detailing are essential building blocks for a robust and sustainable design. The office's circular and sustainable ambitions are made concrete by, among other things, incorporating materials and products that have sustainable qualities. For example, the way in which materials are extracted or manufactured, whether local alternatives are available and what the energy efficiency and degree of reusability are, are examined. In addition, it is being investigated which materials from the demolition can be used again in the same project and which trees will be retained or replanted. MTD also provides direction for reducing the negative footprint and CO2 emissions by providing insight into the impact of various materials, products and project components during the selection of materials and during the construction phase. In addition, MTD offers the possibility to offset the calculated CO2 emissions in certified renewable energy projects. In this way, the technical detailing contributes to enhancing the aesthetics and positive impact and reducing the negative impact.

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In addition to the selection of materials and the elaboration of technical details, planting is one of the most important parts of the planning. Planting gives a specific character and ensures a healthy green living environment that contributes to the physical and mental health of the user. In addition, plants provide natural cooling by evaporating water and counteract heat stress. It is important, however, that attention is paid to the specific location of the plants at all times. Climate, soil and light requirements play an important role in this. By making the right choice of species, a planting plan contributes to the maximum enhancement of biodiversity and a long lifespan of the plants.

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Even after delivery of a technical design / specification description, the quality of the plan is guaranteed, by taking care of the aesthetic supervision or management of the project together with the client during the realization phase. In this way, design and material choices are explained to the executing party and there will be attention to detail at all times.