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One of the distinguishing features of MTD Landscape Architects is the integrality of the team. The landscape designers and urban planners work together with technical designers, engineers and financial staff. This guarantees in-house knowledge of specification methodologies, process management techniques and tendering procedures.

These experts are involved from the start of the design process with the aim of working towards integral, feasible and realistic plans. The technical conditions, the possible technical solutions and the budget continuously provide their input during the design process, the preparation of the specification description and the actual realization. In this way, MTD Landscape Architects as a design office, is able to offer the complete work package from vision to realization.

The knowledge of specification methodologies, process management techniques and tendering procedures is guaranteed in-house.

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Quality assurance & risk management
The organization and working method of the office guarantees the development of knowledge and experience, continuity and innovation through, among other things, an internal quality system, which is laid down in an internal Manual.

The risks are analysed internally for each phase of the development. This risk analysis is not only aimed at identifying and evaluating the health and safety risks associated with the construction, management and use of the site; but also on the potential risk of failure and quality of the project, such as time, money, permits, aesthetic and technical quality and sustainable impact.