Harm van der Zanden

Harm van der Zanden MSc

landscape and urban designer

Harm van der Zanden completed his master's degree in urban planning at Delft University of Technology in 2017 and has been working as a landscape and urban designer ever since. In 2022, Harm has become part of the MTD landscape architects team in the role of landscape and urban designer and junior project leader.

Before completing his master's degree, Harm completed a bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture at Wageningen University, as well as a minor in Green Blue Cities, which focuses on climate adaptation, sustainability and tackling various urban issues. Partly because of this, these themes have a prominent and self-evident role in his designs.

His passion within the field therefore lies in creating a future-proof living environment, sustainable design and the inherent relationship between the city and the underlying and surrounding landscape. Because of his background in both landscape architecture and urban design, he is a valuable addition to any project team, especially complex urban environments where various themes and issues come together and must together lead to a feasible and supported design. Due to his Wageningen background, he approaches each project from a thorough analysis, in which the characteristic features of a place form the basis for the design.