Krijn Nugter BSc

landscape designer

Krijn Nugter

Krijn started his studies at Avans University of Applied Sciences where, after obtaining his Propedeuse Architecture, he went on to study Landscape Design at HAS University of Applied Sciences. He then continued his part-time education at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam in the direction of landscape architecture. He is currently graduating to obtain his master's degree. In his graduation project, he investigates which different attitude modern people can adopt towards nature and the landscape for the benefit of the climate issue. He wants to learn from indigenous tribes where a holistic way of life and ideas have been further refined over the centuries.

In his view, landscape architecture should therefore be more than aesthetics or function. Krijn likes to give a well-considered meaning to his projects, which he likes to derive from culture, history and/or art. With meaning as the basis in his projects, he elaborates his designs in an integrated manner, in which obvious themes such as biodiversity, climate adaptation and sustainability are given a suitable place and shape in the design.

Krijn has been working at MTD Landscape Architects since mid-2021 and is working on a variety of projects. For example, he is working on a landscape integration of a provincial road in Lochem, layout plans for the World of Van Gogh in Nuenen, or on the redevelopment of the station area of Blerick. Before starting at MTD, Krijn worked for 3 years at the municipality of Amsterdam as a public space designer on urban design assignments with the Arenapoort as a focus area.