Ruud Dubbeld BSc

landschape architect BNT / director

Ruud Dubbeld
‘In 1988 Ruud Dubbeld concluded his garden and landscape design study at the RHSTL in Boskoop.
His first working experience was gained at the agency Hollandschap in Moerkapelle. In 1989 he furthered his career at Buys & Van der Vliet in ’s-Hertogenbosch, and continued at MTD landschapsarchitecten in partnership with Frank Meijer and Han Thijssen since 1998.
Within projects Ruud has always focused himself on skilful design, and pays a lot of attention to and has knowledge of meticulous detailing, materialisation and selection.
He has extensive experience in all kinds of interactive communication routes and consultation structures, having acted as a source of inspiration and as a mediator. Falling directly in line with these activities he is a member of the Spatial Quality Commission of Breda.
Important projects include the development plans for the city centres of Tilburg, Wijchen, Ermelo, Venray (Best Small Inner City 2011-2013, Best Public Space 2012) and the waterfront at Uithoorn. Aside from this it is relevant to mention a number of station areas; the station area of Oss, Stationsplein in Venlo, and a number of terrains with a campus-like setting, such as the campus at the University of Tilburg and the grounds of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. Within the agency Ruud is the designer of a multitude of private individual gardens.
More recently Ruud has shifted his focus abroad with plans such as the eco resort of Gregora Nova in Ethiopia and the development of a landfill site in Adis Abbeba / Ethiopia.’