Sander Mattheeuwse

Sander Mattheeuwse BSc

technical advisor

In 2017, Sander Mattheeuwse graduated from HAS University of Applied Sciences in 's-Hertogenbosch in the direction of Landscape Design. During his studies, in addition to the design side of the profession, he was always interested in the feasibility of projects and the technical elaboration of a design. In the context of his graduation, he worked with one fellow student and in collaboration with DTNP on the project 'Center Made gets new élan' for the municipality of Drimmelen. The plan, drawn up by means of resident participation, was further taken up by the municipality and implemented in 2019.

After his international internship at RMP Landschaftarchitekten in Bonn (Germany) and his internship at MTD, Sander has been employed by MTD landscape architects since 2017. Within the office he focuses on various parts of the process. He is involved in the transition from final to technical design, but as a technical advisor and project manager, he bears particular responsibility for the complete specification preparation. Because he joins the process at an early stage, he is aware of all details and involved in internal and external communication.

Sander also monitors the quality of the various projects during implementation. He has a lot of contact with the implementing parties and can therefore regularly be found outside to carry out aesthetic supervision and implementation supervision.

Relevant and recent projects on which he has worked are the design plans for the public space of the centers of Valkenswaard, Tilburg, Boxtel and Kerkplein in Hoorn. In addition, he has been involved in urban planning and urban developments such as the Klokkenberg in Breda and the Negen Heren in Den Bosch. In the field of roof gardens, the Bakermat in Eindhoven and the Galaxy Tower in Utrecht are particularly appealing projects.