Frank Meijer

Frank Meijer MSc

landschape architect BNT / director

During his study at Wageningen University, Frank Meijer co-authored the award-winning plan for the Bundesgartenschau in Frankfurt Am Main, and in the years that followed he worked on the elaboration of those plans at Buro Pohl. From 1988 Frank worked for a decade at Buys & Van der Vliet in ’s-Hertogenbosch; the agency that he, Ruud Dubbeld and Han Thijssen continued as MTD landschapsarchitecten since 1998.

Frank is an all-round landscape architect and distinguishes himself with his analytical and strategic thinking capability. This is expressed in his work for various spatial quality committees, the national roads aesthetics committee, and as a supervisor in a number of considerable planning processes. Over the course of time, Frank has especially excelled in his ability to interpret the historical specifics and characteristic qualities of a place in a robust and timeless design, within which the continuity of the development history is remedied.

In 2023, Frank Meijer received the Culture Prize 2023 from the Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Brabant. The jury praises his controlled and narrative handling of built environment and landscape heritage.

Special projects include a number of urban development and landscape architectural plans in a landscape-based or culture-historically vulnerable context, such as the Hessenberg in Nijmegen; (Architecture Award Nijmegen 2011, a nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2013/2014), Marckhoek in the Mark River valley of Breda /‘t Ginneken, the Stadswalzone (rampart zone) / Zuiderpark (southern park) and the Museumkwartier (museum quarter) in ’s-Hertogenbosch (Yearbook on Landscape Architecture and Town Planning 2013-2014) and the Koemarkt (cattle market) in Purmerend (Welstands (Aesthetics Committee) Award North Holland 2011 and Bouwpluim (building plume) Award 2012-2013). A number of prominent Brabant plans include; the design for the Markt (market) and the surroundings of the Glazen Boerderij (glass farmhouse) in Schijndel, the fitting-in of the head offices for Brabantse Delta at the Bouvigne country estate in Breda, and a reminiscence of Huize Moerenburg in Tilburg (Yearbook on Landscape Architecture and Town Planning 2011-2012).