Mathé van Kranenburg MLA

landscape architect BNT

Mathe van Kranenburg

Mathé van Kranenburg graduated in 2009 in garden and landscape management at the HAS in 's-Hertogenbosch. He decided to continue his studies with a master's degree in landscape architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. In 2015 he graduated as a landscape architect with a design research into a future spatial design and meaning of the orchard landscape of the eastern Betuwe. Mathé has been working as a designer at MTD landscape architects since 2010 and after completing his studies at the Academy as a landscape architect and project manager. Within MTD, Mathé has worked on various projects at different scale levels. In particular, he played an important role in a number of inner-city development plans, such as the sports campus of the Bentinckspark in Hoogeveen, the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology, the main plan structure of Parijsch-Zuid Culemborg and the refurbishment of the Fort and Muiden firing fields. In addition, he worked on a number of large-scale infrastructural projects, such as the layout and compensation plan for the widening of the A9 / Amsterdamse Bos in Amsterdam / Amstelveen, the Vision and Design Criteria for the Apeldoorn South-East Highway Landscape and landscape integration and design of engineering structures for the widening of the N279 North. -Hertogenbosch-Veghel. Special projects in which he participated include competitions and tenders for the refurbishment of the Adam Kazerne in Soest / Germany, and the Bid Book Floriade 2022 in Amsterdam.