Technical elaboration natural stone Uithoorn

August 11, 2022

At the beginning of 2021, MTD landscape architects provided the technical elaboration of the natural stone elements of the Development Plan for the public space of Uithoorn that Arcadis Amsterdam has drawn up for the municipality of Uithoorn.

The Layout Plan for the public space of the center of Uithoorn has about 125 different granite elements, each with its own shape and processing. In addition to different types of tires, there are thresholds, entrances, stairs, turning elements, cover plates. A top view, a front view and a side view have been made of each element. An element list with a complete description was then drawn up of the collection of elements. This list forms an appendix to the specifications, an order list and/or registration list.
Details have been proposed in the technical elaboration of the natural stone elements, which further enhance the design. Advice was also given with regard to the application of the materials, the foundation of elements, the bonding and the method of joining and/or sealing.

MTD landscape architects is one of the few landscape architecture firms with a team of civil consultants who draw up specifications, work descriptions and cost estimates for layout plans. The technical development of natural stone is one of the specialisms.