Opening Fietsenstalling Maastricht 1

Bike parking Station Square Maastricht officially opened

February 2, 2018
State Secretary for Infrastructure and Public Works Stientje van Veldhoven officially opened the underground bicycle parking facility at Maastricht Station last Monday. Together with the clients ProRail, NS, the Province of Limburg, Maastricht Bereikbaar and the municipality of Maastricht, contractor TBI Timmermans-Mobilis and a multicolored group of ... Read more
Stationsplein Maastricht 1

Realization bike parking entrance Stationsplein Maastricht nears completion

December 8, 2017
From mid-2016, TBI companies Timmermans and Mobilis have been working on the realization of the underground bicycle parking at the station and the redevelopment of Stationsplein in Maastricht. The construction is carried out on behalf of the cooperating parties Maastricht, Maastricht Bereikbaar, Province of Limburg, PROrail and NS and is approaching ... Read more
LAE boek 1

Rampartzone selected for Triannual Landscape Architecture Europe #5

November 16, 2017
Last month it was announced that the Rampart zone / Zuiderpark in 's-Hertogenbosch, a project by MTD landscape architects / urban designers in collaboration with Studio Leon Thier (design parking garage and bridges) and Van Roosmalen Van Gessel architecten, was selected for the triannual of landscape architecture Europe. The book that appears every ... Read more
Klokkenberg 1

High quality residential location De Klokkenberg

November 13, 2017
The former Klokkenberg medical center, a Roman Catholic sanatorium for tuberculosis patients, is being transformed into a unique, high-quality residential complex. From introvert, religious sanatorium to extrovert, open living community, situated in a fantastic landscape setting on the border of the Mastbos and the valley of the Mark, on walking and ... Read more

MTD acquires assignment for VU Amsterdam

October 26, 2017
After two selection rounds, MTD landscape architects / urban designers received the assignment to redesign the campus of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. This responds to the area development of Zuidas as a whole. Campusplein, the heart of the campus, will be made suitable for large events, but also for security and informal encounters. There will ... Read more
linie 1629 - 1

MTD acquires assignment for ‘Linie 1629’

October 13, 2017
The municipalities of Sint-Michielsgestel, Vught, Heusden and 's-Hertogenbosch together with foundation de Groene Vesting have the joint ambition to make the Linie 1629 or the Defense Line more visible and perceptible and give it a structured significance in the development of the landscape. De Linie 1629 is located at some distance from the center of ... Read more
Villa X 1

Garden design Villa X

October 11, 2017
MTD landscape architects / urban designers was responsible for the landscape integration and garden design of villa X, somewhere in the south of the country. The architectural design of the villa by BARcode architects from Rotterdam and a particularly beautiful, monumental red beech at the front of the plot served as important ingredients for the ... Read more
Tilburg centrum in transitie 1

Tilburg center in transition!

October 2, 2017
At the request of the Municipality of Tilburg, MTD landscape architects/urban designers has been busy for some time drawing up a vision and layout plan for the public space in Tilburg's core shopping area. A familiar area for MTD, because in 1998 a plan was established and executed for the Heuvelstraat and its adjacent streets and historic squares, ... Read more
German Design Award 2018-7

Rampart zone nominated for German Design Award 2018

August 7, 2017
Last month it was announced that the Rampart zone / Zuiderpark in 's-Hertogenbosch, a project of the MTD landscape architects / urban designers in collaboration with Studio Leon Thier (Design parking garage and bridges) and Van Roosmalen Van Gessel Architects was nominated for the German Design Award 2018 in the category Universal Design. The German ... Read more
Alzheimer village 2

Case famiglia per diabbili adulti malati di Alzheimer - Parco della Sabine - Roma

July 5, 2017
In Rome, the construction of a residential area for people with dementia is in full swing. The first phase will be delivered in mid-July. This project is based on a Dutch care concept whereby patients with different forms and stages of dementia are offered as much independence as possible. The concept is inspired by The Hogeweyk in Weesp from the ... Read more
fontein Ermelo 3

fountain Ermelo completed

June 16, 2017
On Thursday, June 8th, warden Jan Bosch unveiled the new water artwork at the Raadhuisplein in Ermelo. With the completion of the water element, which consists of 2 large fan-shaped fountains and 8 'deceivers', the ambition of the municipality of Ermelo to make the center area even more beautiful and vibrant has been fulfilled. In recent years, hard ... Read more

MTD on to second phase tender Deken van Somerenstraat Eindhoven

May 10, 2017
In March 2017 it was announced that the team of Heijmans Vastgoed, consisting of NL Architects, Studio Maks, MTD landscape architects / urban designers and Arup, was selected by the municipality of Eindhoven out of 17 entries as a candidate buyer for the redevelopment of the Deken van Somerenstraat in Eindhoven. Together with the teams of SDK Real ... Read more
Start realisatie Stationsplein Maastricht 1

Start realization Stationsplein Maastricht

May 8, 2017
Since mid 2016, the parties TBI-ondernemingen Timmermans and Mobilis have started on the construction of the underground bike parking at the railstation and the redevelopment of the Stationsplein in Maastricht. The construction is carried out on behalf of the cooperating parties of Maastricht, Maastricht Bereikbaar, the Province of Limburg, PROrail ... Read more

Stationsplein Zandvoort given green stature

April 4, 2017
Implementing the refurbishment of Stationsplein [square in front of the station] and Koper Passerel in Zandvoort is progressing steadily; slowly but surely Stationsplein and the Koper Passerel are being given the allure that they deserve. Last week the trees were planted which suddenly gave Stationsplein its envisaged dimensions and green stature. ... Read more
Brabantsestijlprijs 1

Rampart zone nominated for Brabant Style Award

March 16, 2017
MTD landschapsarchitecten's design of the Stadswalzone (rampart zone) is one of the nominees for the Brabant Style Award. Every 2 to 3 years the Province of North Brabant uses the Style Awards to search for hidden pearls or surprising places in its province. These are places born from people’s passion. By way of this award it is envisaged to ... Read more
Zonnestraal 5

Zonnestraal Spatial Survey, principle recommendation by Board of Government Advisors

March 2, 2017
At the request of Nicolien van Vroonhoven, alderman at the Municipality of Hilversum responsible for the Preservation of Listed Buildings, the Board of Government Advisors (Dutch acronym CRa) represented by Eric Luiten recently advised on the historic, current and future values of the landscape, of which the Zonnestraal buildings (labour and care ... Read more
Station Grubbenvorst 1

Presentation Station Grubbenvorst - Greenport Venlo

February 14, 2017
In January 2017, MTD landscape architects presented the preliminary design plan for the station of Grubbenvorst. The design is a product of a participatory planning process with civil service experts, residents and stakeholders and collaboration with Arcadis. The reason for the project was a Facebook action, which was organized late 2012 by young ... Read more

MTD participates in City Conversation Dudok Architectuur Centrum Hilversum

January 24, 2017
Last Thursday, on January 19th, 2017 the first City Conversation in Hilversum took place in the town hall. The subject of the City Conversation organized by the Dudok Architectuur Centrum (DAC) was ‘The Influence of monuments in the center of Hilversum’. The reason for the conversation is the intention to appoint 65 new municipal monuments ... Read more
van Gogh kerkje Nuenen 1

MTD wins contract for Area Vision World of Van Gogh

January 24, 2017
In the final moments of 2016, MTD was commissioned by the municipality of Nuenen to produce an Area Vision for the World of Van Gogh. At the request of Councilor Jansen, the Area Vision consists of the space between the Park, the Little Van Gogh church and the adjoining outside area with the mill of Nuenen and governs an outline plan as well as a more ... Read more

Realisation start on public space Leerfabriek Oisterwijk

January 17, 2017
Recently the realization started on the public space development plan of the site around the Koninklijke Verenigde Leder (KVL) factory in Oisterwijk, designed by MTD landscape architects / urban designers. Oisterwijk and the Province of Noord Brabant have the joint ambition to redevelop the historic factory complex and the site around the former ... Read more
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