MTD kaftjes 1

New MTD covers

March 11, 2019
The office is working on sustainable innovations on all kinds of fronts. For example, new covers for the reports and planning booklets have been designed. The covers, specially designed for MTD, are currently being screen printed one by one; a white logo on extra thick anthracite gray cardboard. We think it will make a lasting impression! Read more
Brood en spelen 1

Final event Competition Bread and Games

February 14, 2019
After months of hard work, last Wednesday, February 6, 2019, there was a presentation of the final results of the Bread & Games competition, initiated by the Board of Government Advisors. Within the second round of the competition, 16 teams worked on further deepening and realizing innovative plans for the countryside. The final manifestation ... Read more
fenemaplein 1

Fenemaplein Zandvoort from car park roof to organic dune landscape

January 21, 2019
In the autumn of 2017 MTD landscape architects was approached by the municipality of Zandvoort to draft a design plan for the Fenemaplein. The Fenemaplein back then was a 5000 m2 paved square on the roof of a parking garage dating from the 60s, situated on the Zandvoort boulevard. The starting point for the design plan is the creation of an organic ... Read more
Dromen van een mooier Boxtel 1

MTD is working on a more beautiful Boxtel

January 10, 2019
MTD was commissioned by the municipality of Boxtel at the end of the old year to elaborate the plan for Boxtel between the bridges on the basis of the previously drafted pre-vision. On Wednesday, January 2nd, an article about the project was published in the Brabants Dagblad; it is good to read that the project is so alive among the people of Boxtel. ... Read more
valkenswaard 1

The refurbishment of Valkenswaard is progressing steadily

January 10, 2019
Recently, a further part of the redevelopment of the center area of Valkenswaard has been successfully completed. With the realization of the layout plans for the Kerverijplein, the Carillonplein and Richterpad and the Corridor, drawn up by MTD landscape architects, the center of Valkenswaard once again made a huge improvement in quality; the image of ... Read more
Ijmeer - Gooimeer 1

Opportunities and threats Gooise coast examined

December 21, 2018
The Region Gooi and Vechtstreek and the municipalities Blaricum, Gooise Meren and Huizen jointly provide content and monitor the coherence within the developments of the lakes and the coastal zone of Lake Gooimeer, IJmeer. Together with MTD landscape architects, the opportunities and threats for Gooimeer, IJmeer and the 30 kilometer long Gooise ... Read more
molensteenbank Dordrecht 1

Placement millstone bench Dordrecht

December 21, 2018
At the request of the municipality of Dordrecht, MTD landscape architects designed a bench on the Gelderse Kade in Dordrecht in the form of a millstone, the so-called millstone bench. At this location on the Houttuinen in 1698 a crane was founded by the municipality of Dordrecht, the so-called Kraan Rodermond, where the 'round mill stones' were ... Read more
BKP Schijndel 1

Presentation IQP former town hall Schijndel

December 14, 2018
Last Monday 10 December 2018 MTD landscape architects and Ten Bras Westinga architects presented the image quality plan for the former town hall of Schijndel. MTD landscape architects explained the starting points for the contextual anchoring of the building in an urban, architectural and landscape architectural sense; Ten Bras Westinga architects ... Read more
Oud gastel 1

Kalliste / BedauxdeBrouwer / MTD acquire contract Bernardushof Oud Gastel

December 10, 2018
Kalliste housing development together with its partners MTD landscape architects and Bedaux de Brouwer architects won the tendering procedure for the development of the Bernardushof in Oud Gastel! It is intended that on the grounds of the former Bernardusschool, the Kerkstraat 3a-5 and the field on the Mgr. Meeuwissenstraat 29 homes are being realized ... Read more

The Province of Noord-Brabant and MTD are working together on Goorloop Keldonk and Bakelse Beemden

November 20, 2018
In order to process the expected traffic, the N279 South, between Veghel and Asten, will be upgraded. This requires adjustments to the road route and the total space taken by the N279. The situation is more complex for two sub-areas and this has far-reaching consequences for the current spatial situation. MTD landscape architects was asked by a ... Read more

Rampart Zone in Triannual Landscape Architecture Europe # 5

November 7, 2018
September 27, 2018 was the day. During the Rosa Barba Congress Barcelona 2018, the first copy of the Triannual Landscape architecture Europe # 5 was awarded. The 5th edition of the book shows and reflects on 48 current landscape architecture projects, selected for this purpose by a professional jury from more than 200 submitted plans. The jury ... Read more
Foodscapes presentatie 1

Presentation Foodscapes

October 17, 2018
On September 27, 2018, the book Flourishing Foodscapes - Design City-Region Food Systems was presented at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. The publication presents the results of design research on regional food landscapes in relation to the worldwide growing urbanization. Production and distribution of food are given a place in the landscape in ... Read more
feest MTD 20 jaar 1

MTDĀ“s 20th anniversary party!

September 25, 2018
Friday, September 7, MTD celebrated the 20th anniversary of the office with a grand party. Invited guests were mainly people who structurally contributed to the success of the office, such as former employees, architects and other colleagues with whom there was intensive cooperation, trainees and a few family members. Especially for the occasion, a ... Read more

Defense line 1629 visible again!

August 20, 2018
Since the autumn of 2016 MTD landscape architects is working on behalf of and together with the municipalities of Sint-Michielsgestel, Vught, Heusden and 's-Hertogenbosch and De Stichting de Groene Vesting developing plans to make the Line 1629 visible and recognizable in the landscape. The drought of the past months has made a surprising contribution ... Read more
Zomerborrel planteam Tilburg 1

Summer drinks for the core shopping area team Tilburg

July 20, 2018
Last Tuesday, on July 17th, 2018, a final team evening before the summer recess took place with regard to the redevelopment of the core shopping area in Tilburg. Since December 2016, the municipality of Tilburg and MTD landscape architects have been meeting monthly and have formed a team to discuss the various plans that are being developed for the ... Read more
Brood en spelen 1

Double prize for MTD at 'Brood & Spelen'

July 5, 2018
In a crowded barn in Barneveld, the winners were announced on 4 July 2018 of the Brood & Spelen (Bread & Games) competition written by the Board of Government Advisors. Out of 95 submissions for two locations in Gelderland / Overijssel and Noord-Brabant, two separate jury's selected 2 times 8 plans to proceed to a second round. MTD landscape ... Read more
Verder met Vesting Muiden 1

'Moving forward with Vesting Muiden'

June 12, 2018
MTD landscape architects / urban designers are working on a recovery plan for the Vesting Muiden with a participatory communication process. To this end, information markets were held on March 27 and May 9, 2018, where Frank Meijer and Mathé van Kranenburg informed the local residents, interested parties and stakeholders. In a number of thematic ... Read more
Excursie Huize Moerenburg

Excursion Huize Moerenburg

June 6, 2018
On Monday the 28th of May, the first year students of Management of the Living Environment of the HAS University of Applied Sciences were on excursion to Huize Moerenburg in Tilburg. The visit in the context of realization and management combined with the radiant weather resulted in a pleasant educational day at a unique location. In 2006, the ... Read more
De toekomst van het verleden 1

'The future of the past'

June 1, 2018
On Thursday May 17th, the afternoon symposium 'In the play of forces between man and Waal' took place under the inspiring leadership of chairman Evert van Ginkel, specialist in the relationship between archeology and society. In addition to Rudi Etteger, assistant professor of landscape architecture at Wageningen University and Research, and Ferdinand ... Read more
MTD 20 jaar 3

MTD 20 years!!!

May 28, 2018
Last Tuesday on 22 May, MTD landscape architects celebrated its 20th anniversary. On Tuesday the 22nd of May 1998, the agency was founded by Frank Meijer, Han Thijssen and Ruud Dubbeld, as a relaunch of Buys & Van der Vliet landscape architecture and urban design continuing the work and ideas of Pieter Buys and Bob van der Vliet, who find their ... Read more
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