oranjeplein 1

Festive opening of Oranjeplein Mariahout

September 10, 2019
On 8 September, the opening of the redesigned Oranjeplein in Mariahout was celebrated with a series of festive activities, as well as 75 years of freedom. The redevelopment plans for the square were developed by MTD landscape architects in collaboration with Zorg om het Dorp, in an intensive process with ample room for the input of residents, ... Read more
Munsterplein Roermond 1

Festive go-ahead redesign of Munsterplein / Roermond

August 28, 2019
On August 22, the aldermen Angely Waajen-Crins, Rens Evers and Ferdinand Pleyte gave the go-ahead for the redesign of the Munsterplein, the Abbey Garden and the Abbey Court in the center of Roermond. The historic square and the surroundings of the Munsterkerk with gardens and courts form the heart of the city center and will be redesigned in phases. ... Read more
Centrumvisie Boxtel Binnen de Bruggen in Beeldvormende Raad 1

Center vision Boxtel Binnen de Bruggen in Imaging Council

August 22, 2019
On Tuesday, August 20, 2019, MTD landscape architects presented the center vision "Boxtel Binnen de Bruggen", in an image-forming council meeting in Boxtel. The public, interactive meeting, where besides the Boxtel city council also citizens, entrepreneurs and other interested parties were invited to provide input, became an inspiring evening, during ... Read more
Melk&Noot op symposium 'Landschap Verbindt' 1

Melk & Noot at the 'Landscape Connects' symposium

July 23, 2019
On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, the fourth edition of the symposium held by Staatsbosbeheer and the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency took place. This year the theme was "Landscape connects!", In which the major challenges from the National Environmental Vision were discussed. The themes of urbanization, water, climate, energy and agricultural ... Read more
Bouw Carolus fase 2. te 's-Hertogenbosch van start 1

Construction of Carolus phase 2. in 's-Hertogenbosch has started

July 18, 2019
With the installation of a new storey floor in the block of social rental housing, alderman Roy Geers gave the go-ahead for the construction of a total of 63 homes in phase 2 of the Carolus on 26 June 2019. After a word from Jaap van Engelshoven and Roy van Geers, the future residents on this warm, sun-drenched Wednesday afternoon had the opportunity ... Read more
Opening faunapassage ‘Over Heide’ / Goirle 1

Opening Fauna Passage "Over Heide" / Goirle

July 12, 2019
With the unveiling of the information board and the passing of a flock of sheep, the King's Commissioner opened the new Faunapassage Goirle on 12 June 2019. He also announced the name of the passage; "Over Heide". With this opening, the realization of the project, which took three years of preparation and half a year of construction, has been ... Read more
Dag van de Architectuur Maastricht 1

Maastricht Day of Architecture

July 2, 2019
On Saturday 15 June 2019, as in many cities in the country, the Day of Architecture was organized in Maastricht. A few surprising building projects were accessible in the city, which were realized in the past year or will be delivered soon. Anyone interested in urban development and architecture could view these projects, take a tour and get an ... Read more
City_Brand & Tourism Landscape Award 1

City_Brand & Tourism Landscape Award awarded to Zuiderzeezicht / province of Overijssel

June 19, 2019
Last June 20, 2019, Charlotte van der Woude, on behalf of MTD landscape architects, received the City_Brand & Tourism Landscape Award during the Salone D’Ónore in the congress building in Milan for the project “Zuiderzeezicht” - a viewpoint on a former maritime landscape. The Award, which is awarded every three years by the ... Read more
Groene Loper TU Eindhoven 2

Groene Loper TU Eindhoven nominated for Best Public Space Award 2019

June 4, 2019
The Groene Loper Campus TU e Eindhoven has been nominated together with two other projects for the Best Public Space Award from the trade magazine Stedelijk Interieur. A jury chaired by Annemieke Fontein, head of landscape architecture at the municipality of Rotterdam, winner of the Award in 2018, selected the nominated plans from around 29 ... Read more
Feestelijke opening Spartahof te Apeldoorn! 1

Festive opening Spartahof in Apeldoorn !

May 20, 2019
On the location of the former Spartafabriek in Apeldoorn, the festive opening of the new Spartahof residential area took place on Friday 10 May 2019. To add luster to this festive event, Mark Sandmann, alderman of the municipality of Apeldoorn, and Hein Stooker on behalf of the development combination BPD / Trebbe, unveiled a plaque by Mr D.L. ... Read more
Brood en spelen Wilhelminapark 1

Start planting of pastoral landscape elements Wilhelminapark Boxtel

April 11, 2019
In February 2019 the final manifestation of the Bread and Games competition, organized by the Board of Government Advisors, was held in the provincial government office of Noord-Brabant. With the entry "The Return of the Pastoral Landscape" MTD landscape architects presented the plans for the Herenboerderij Wilhelminapark in Boxtel. With the presented ... Read more
De wereled van van Gogh 1

Structural vision The World of Van Gogh presented

April 5, 2019
The structural vision of Van Gogh was presented to the Council on 13 March. The structural vision describes the ambition of the municipality of Nuenen to improve the spatial quality of the core and more specifically the area of the Park, the monastery and the Kloostertuin, the Berg, the Van Gogh Church, the Hooidonkse Beek and the adjacent outer area ... Read more
Tianjin, China 01

Planting YingYang CityForest in Tianjin, China

April 3, 2019
After an intensive planning process of site visits, consultation, design and implementation preparation, on Saturday 23 March 2019, on the Chinese tree planting day, the starting shot was given for the planting of 7000 trees and the realization of the first CityForest in Tianjin / China. With the realization, MTD landscape architects participates in ... Read more
Atlas TUe 1

Atlas TU/e building opened!

March 26, 2019
The Atlas building, the main building of the Campus Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e), was officially reopened on Thursday 21 March 2019 after a major renovation. students from the International School and robot Hero from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering provided the opening. The renewed Atlas building, in terms of sustainability and ... Read more
MTD kaftjes 1

New MTD covers

March 11, 2019
The office is working on sustainable innovations on all kinds of fronts. For example, new covers for the reports and planning booklets have been designed. The covers, specially designed for MTD, are currently being screen printed one by one; a white logo on extra thick anthracite gray cardboard. We think it will make a lasting impression! Read more
Brood en spelen 1

Final event Competition Bread and Games

February 14, 2019
After months of hard work, last Wednesday, February 6, 2019, there was a presentation of the final results of the Bread & Games competition, initiated by the Board of Government Advisors. Within the second round of the competition, 16 teams worked on further deepening and realizing innovative plans for the countryside. The final manifestation ... Read more
fenemaplein 1

Fenemaplein Zandvoort from car park roof to organic dune landscape

January 21, 2019
In the autumn of 2017 MTD landscape architects was approached by the municipality of Zandvoort to draft a design plan for the Fenemaplein. The Fenemaplein back then was a 5000 m2 paved square on the roof of a parking garage dating from the 60s, situated on the Zandvoort boulevard. The starting point for the design plan is the creation of an organic ... Read more
Dromen van een mooier Boxtel 1

MTD is working on a more beautiful Boxtel

January 10, 2019
MTD was commissioned by the municipality of Boxtel at the end of the old year to elaborate the plan for Boxtel between the bridges on the basis of the previously drafted pre-vision. On Wednesday, January 2nd, an article about the project was published in the Brabants Dagblad; it is good to read that the project is so alive among the people of Boxtel. ... Read more
valkenswaard 1

The refurbishment of Valkenswaard is progressing steadily

January 10, 2019
Recently, a further part of the redevelopment of the center area of Valkenswaard has been successfully completed. With the realization of the layout plans for the Kerverijplein, the Carillonplein and Richterpad and the Corridor, drawn up by MTD landscape architects, the center of Valkenswaard once again made a huge improvement in quality; the image of ... Read more
Ijmeer - Gooimeer 1

Opportunities and threats Gooise coast examined

December 21, 2018
The Region Gooi and Vechtstreek and the municipalities Blaricum, Gooise Meren and Huizen jointly provide content and monitor the coherence within the developments of the lakes and the coastal zone of Lake Gooimeer, IJmeer. Together with MTD landscape architects, the opportunities and threats for Gooimeer, IJmeer and the 30 kilometer long Gooise ... Read more
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