Restructuring and transformation of the Westermarkt, Tilburg

Westermarkt, Tilburg
April 5, 2024

MTD landscape architects and Diederendirrix Architecture & Stedenbouw will work in Tilburg to draw up an urban design and public space design for the restructuring of the Westermarkt.

Within the Kenniskwartier Area Vision, the Westermarkt has been marked as a zone to be transformed in the coming years from a rather stony and dated residential and shopping area into a coherent, high-quality, green and sustainable urban living and working area. This ambition is motivated by both the Housing Agenda 2020 – 2025 and by the desire to deal with mobility differently.

The first sketches have shown that the redevelopment should be considered in the context of Tilburg West. This means that the redesign of the public space includes not only the Westermarkt itself, but also the adjacent streets, Statenlaan and Westerpark. The coherent image will initially have to be determined by the framework of the public space and a new identity; through the design and functions of the network of roads, routes and places and their clear accessibility. The new identity of the area will be related to its contemporary meaning and programming, which will be largely based on the connection between the themes of spatial quality, climate adaptation, water storage, biodiversity and an innovative way of organizing mobility.

By making the framework greener and more vibrant, the network acquires an ecological and urban quality. This gives the Westermarkt more significance for Tilburg West, but also strengthens the connections to the Stadsbos (Wandelbos, Oude Warande), the Spoorpark (east-west direction) and Westerpark (north-south direction).

The plans are developed in consultation with clients ADW B.V., Prince Projectmanagement B.V., WM Tower B.V. and SBWW and the municipality of Tilburg.

Photo source: Tilburg Regional Archives, Public Works, Part of the Westermarkt shopping center; architect J. Schijvens