Symposium Green Blue Grows

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February 1, 2024

Last week, MTD Landscape Architects participated in the 'Green Blue Grows' symposium organized by the Municipality of Tilburg, held at the LocHal. Tilburg has embarked on a challenging transition towards a green-blue living environment, with ambitions already translated into concrete plans and projects at various locations in and around the city.

The symposium featured an impressive lecture by ecologist and nature philosopher Matthijs Schouten, prompting all attendees to reflect on the Western stance and their personal attitudes towards nature and the planet.

Paul van Hoesel, strategic spatial advisor at the Municipality of Tilburg, shared his perspective on the shift towards more green and blue in Tilburg. In his presentation, he highlighted the inspirational document 'Code Green Tilburg' and the concept of the '013 Iconic City Parks,' developed in collaboration with MTD Landscape Architects, as catalysts for this transformation.