Vesting Muiden in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Yearbook 2022

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December 13, 2022

Last Saturday, the 2022 Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning Yearbook was presented at the NRE site in Eindhoven.

An independent selection committee, consisting of urban planner Edzo Bindels, landscape architect Berdie Olthof, urban planner Mike Emmerik and landscape architect Jana Crepon, chaired by Esther Agricola, selected 19 projects for the book. The Vesting Muiden of MTD landscape architects is one of the selected projects.
Selection criteria are: 1. originality and innovation; 2. significance and relevance in the light of current challenges and trends; 3. craftsmanship and exemplarity. Against the background of these criteria, the selection committee has set its own accents. For example, the committee's aim has been to choose projects that display 'design pleasure' and that show what urban planning and landscape architecture are capable of.

The Bureau's Vesting Muiden, in the opinion of the committee, falls within the category of 'design pleasure'.
The project includes a vision and reconstruction plan for the characteristic parts of the fortifications; ramparts, bastions and curtain walls. Efforts have been made to preserve and strengthen cultural-historical values on the one hand and to add contemporary significance on the other. The cultural-historical values will become more visible and perceptible and the use of the ramparts for residents and visitors of Muiden will be strengthened.
In the meantime, the office has started the participation and design process for the continuation of the project.
The first copies of the 2022 Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning Yearbook have been presented to Eindhoven alderman for climate, energy, soil and greening Rik Thijs, government advisor Jannemarie de Jonge, and the chairmen of the NVTL and BNSP Ben Kuipers and Stefan Bödecker.

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