MTD acquires contract for public space religious heritage Oudenbosch

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April 26, 2022

In addition to a special landscape location, on the edge of the Brabantse Wal, Oudenbosch distinguishes itself by an impressive ensemble of religious heritage. The municipality of Halderberge, of which Oudenbosch is a part, has the ambition to preserve and strengthen the cultural-historical and spatial qualities of this ensemble in their mutual cohesion. The public space is an important support for this.
At the beginning of April 2022, the municipality of Halderberge asked a number of offices to draw up an action plan for drawing up an integral Vision Outline and Development Plans for this ensemble, in which the desired spatial quality and programmatic interpretation of the public space at structure and design level are described and imagined.
MTD won the contract, mainly on the basis of its experience with sustainable and climate-adaptive design and with the landscape-architectural integration of cultural-historical values and elements.

Within the Vision and Design Plans, attention will be paid to strengthening the identity of Oudenbosch as a center of religious heritage on the Mark and Dintel, to enhancing the quality of living and the green and climate-adaptive qualities of the public space.
The Vision can then serve as a framework for the elaboration of Development Plans for the individual subareas and for testing and fitting current initiatives and projects. This will take shape in a participatory communication process with concerned residents, entrepreneurs and initiators in the area.
The office is looking forward to a challenging design process!