Public space management plan for the strengthened city of Culemborg presented at Efforts Congress 2021

January 14, 2022

On January 13, Sander Booms of the municipality of Culemborg and Niké van Keulen of MTD landscape architects will explain the Regieplan public space for the enhanced city of Culemborg during the Efforts Congress 2021 'Fortified Heritage in GREEN and BLUE – a European sustainable solution'. In particular, the focus was on how within the Regieplan the strengthening of cultural-historical values and the identity of the fortified city of Culemborg are directly linked to spatial quality, quality of stay and sustainability themes such as increasing the water surface, reducing the paved surface, shifting from parking spaces to the edge of the city centre, planting trees, introducing natural banks and enhancing biodiversity. And how the Management Plan can provide guidance for the elaboration of concrete initiatives and development plans.