Reconstruction of the first phase of the eastern ramparts of Muiden almost ready

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December 15, 2021

A year ago the reconstruction of the eastern ramparts of Muiden started. This reconstruction and layout of the public space of the ramparts, for the part between the parking lot P2 and the Muiderslot, designed by MTD landscape architects, falls within the project 'Verder met de Vesting Muiden'. It includes a vision and reconstruction plan for the characteristic parts of the fortress such as ramparts, bastions and curtains. The aim is to preserve and strengthen the cultural-historical values where possible, while adding a contemporary layer at the same time. This makes it easier to experience the cultural-historical and natural values and enhances the use values of the ramparts for the residents and visitors of Muiden.

The source of inspiration for the plans is the historical map of the Defense Line of Amsterdam from 1877. This tells the development history of the fortress and depicts the essence of the fortress. By understanding the historical situation as an important point of reference for design, the unique character and identity of the place is strengthened and the development history is healed and made legible.
The most important part of the work for the realization of the first phase has now been completed. In mid-October, the construction fences around the project have been removed and residents and visitors can visit the reconstructed fortress via the new paths.
A special part of the reconstruction plan is the so-called Experience Route; information is provided along the route via an interactive app about the development history, the fortress and the natural values. When the project is completely finished, this Experience Route will be launched.
In November and December, hedges and trees are still being planted and the bank protection in the canal is realized. The festive opening of the eastern ramparts will follow.

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Van der Ven is realizing the project on behalf of the municipality of Gooise Meren.
See also a film of the construction: youtube