EindHoven Airport selected for the Blauwe Kamer Yearbook 2021!

December 11, 2021

Today on December 11, the Blauwe Kamer Yearbook 2021 was presented live from the Schip van Blaauw in Wageningen with a special online program. The selection committee Under the leadership of the new chairman Esther Agricola, Dingeman Deijs, Claire Laeremans, Paul Achterberg and Miranda Reitsma, this spring selected the design of the public space of Eindhoven Airport for publication. Eindhoven Airport is a design by MTD landscape architects in collaboration with. De Bever architects, Har Hollands, Tauw, Nieman en Bosanti and Piet Hein Eek. During the online program, Commission President Esther Agricola talked about the selection of 23 projects and designers from the book discussed current themes. The first copies were presented to Ben Kuipers and Eric Terlien of the professional associations NVTL and BNSP.

Eindhoven Airport has the ambition to be the gateway to the Brainport Region and the Van Gogh National Park; it forms the gateway to both a special historical landscape and an innovative world of technology. In the design for the boulevard and the forecourt, these two worlds come together in a green, sustainable and innovative public space, which offers opportunities for meeting and staying. The plantings play a leading role within the plan; they soften the large-scale airport world and offer a pleasant living environment. To connect with this world, a special natural stone fountain has been designed on the forecourt; a meeting place with worldly allure.

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