MTD landscape architects conclude a fruitful planting season!

bomen planten 1
May 7, 2021

About 635 trees of about 80 different species were planted in 18 different projects. Trees have been planted on roofs and ground level, trees have been planted in the countryside and in the city, trees have been planted in new residential areas and on historic city walls, at airports and in private gardens; exotic and native trees have been planted, coniferous and deciduous trees, flowering and fruit trees, monumental trees and spindles. In addition to the design, the office was also responsible for the selection of trees at the various nurseries and for guaranteeing the technical preconditions for planting and management.
By planting this enormous amount of trees, the agency has compensated the CO2 emissions by about 15,000 kg. The agency is proud to contribute to a more sustainable, climate-adaptive world with more biodiversity!